Review of Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout for Beginners: Tahitian Dance at a Great Value

Tahitian Dance for Everyone

If you’re looking for some exotic exercise, the Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout DVD set is your ticket to a great 40-minute Tahitian dance workout in beautiful Hawaii. One DVD teaches Tahitian cardio while the other teaches a fusion of Hip Hop moves and Tahitian dance moves. Each disc is set against a picturesque Hawaiian backdrop of palm trees, sprawling green hills, and ocean side.

The best thing about the Island Girl workout is the way that the disc’s host Kili explains Tahitian dance moves. Instructional dance DVDs often disappoint when it comes to thoroughly explaining how to do a certain movement. However, Kili uses clear instructions to introduce her moves slowly enough that anyone could follow along.

Tahitan dance is all about action in the hips. While the Tahitian dancer moves her hips, she isolates her upper body. No matter how fast and furious the hips move, the upper body stays still. This hip technique is both challenging and fun for beginners. Viewers who always wondered how Tahitian dancers move will be wowed.

Kili’s Island Girl Workout focuses on several major muscle groups. With its focus on hip movements, the Tahitian dance workout strengthens the abs, lower back, and legs.

Breaking Down Tahitian Dance Moves

On the Tahitian cardio disc Kili introduces viewers to amis, figure 8s, and Tahitian bumps, combining them with basic fitness steps that one might encounter in a typical aerobics class. First she breaks down a move, then she practices it. Lastly, she begins to roll that move into a dance routine that builds in difficulty as the workout progresses. Three basic moves may not sound like a lot, but for those who are unfamiliar with Tahitian dance, these moves will be plenty.

On the Tahitian Hip Hop disc, viewers repeat the three basic Tahitian dance moves from Tahitian cardio and learn 3 more: flower, shimmy, and fa’arapu. While the combo of hip hop and Tahitan dance may sound strange, the pairing actually works quite well.

If the idea of hip hop dance doesn’t thrill you, don’t worry: Kili’s Tahitian hip hop routine is very simple. It is simply Tahitian dance moves put together in a way that looks vaguely like hip hop. It’s an easy routine and anyone—regardless of dance background—will be able to follow it.

The Tahitian Hip Hop disc is a treat since it introduces viewers to the fa’arapu. The fa’arapu involves swinging your hips around your body in a circular motion to create a very big, earthy shimmy. It’s fun to do and it will make anyone feel like an authentic Tahitian dancer.

A Great Value for the Price

While the Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout is a great DVD set and an excellent value for the $9.99 price tag, it does have some drawbacks.

The disc’s host Kili is obviously full of enthusiasm and clearly an expert in her subject matter, but the way she delivers her lines can grow tiring very quickly. While she is an excellent instructor, her lines feel forced when she speaks.

The other unfortunate thing about the Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout DVDs is that they don’t explain the origins of Tahitian dance. However, this isn’t such a big drawback considering that most viewers will simply want a workout from these DVDs, not a history lesson.

Overall, the Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout for Beginners DVD set is an excellent investment for anyone wanting a fun at-home workout that uses dance to burn calories. It’s hard not to get into it with its easy explanations, beautiful scenery, and infectious music.