Dance Dance Revolution: Dancing your Way to a Healthy Body

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Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), is a music video game that’s available on a different slew of consoles as a way to move your body, mainly your feet, to the tunes of the song in the game. DDR actually started the whole rhythm and dance genre and while there were many fitness games before DDR, we can actually credit the popularity of exergaming to the sudden success of Dance Dance Revolution among teens worldwide. Play it at home or at the arcades – it doesn’t really matter. So long as you can bust a move, follow the arrows with the beats of your feet and you’ve got it down pat.

Song Selections

It started off with the first versions found in Japan, with popular songs like “Samurai” and “Boom Boom Boom” until it reached the point of having so many versions that with each new release of Dance Dance Revolution, the songs get better and better and the patterns more and more complex. There are regular songs that you play and dance to. With each level unlocked, more songs are added to your roster that you’ll never get bored of. And maybe, just maybe you’ve mastered a version already – but by the time you do, another version comes out to challenge your dancing style.

Fitness Relation

So you may ask what makes DDR such a great fitness game anyway? After all, you only move your feet, right? Well think about it; dancers are quick, agile and really healthy. The constant feet movements actually help improve health. Everyone can play Dance Dance Revolution, from the kid who takes one step at a time with basic moves or the pro who moves like a crazy monkey with the hyper master mode. The faster the beats, the more movements are required and as each level progresses, you’ll see that mastering the game is never really that simple. It’ll never get boring because with each new version that’s released in the market, more and more songs and patterns are being created. As long as the songs and patterns are churned – this game will never grow old.

A lot of people are actually attributing their weight loss to DDR, some having lost 5 pounds from just casual playing and others more than that. It all really just depends on what songs you choose and what level of dancing you pick.