Benefits of Ballet as Exercise

Dancing Envy

As a former ballet student (many years ago), I learned several basic techniques to make it to my first and only dance recital. Although I was not much for gracefulness as a youngster, I do recall looking back at all the seasoned dancers that had danced so well, having beautifully slender and strong muscles that I so much admired, even as a child.

Ballet for Fitness

Today as a fitness trainer, I use many of those strengthening exercises to workout as well as train many of my clients. For some, I simply add one or two movements such as a grand plie or make it tougher and add leaps to them. There are so many benefits to choosing a workout that is ballet inspired. Here are just a few.

Improved Posture:

This is the very first elemental rule of ballet, and is always a must to be a good dancer. Graceful dancing comes from excellent posture. You will also be able to breathe more easily.

Stronger Bones:

By building stronger muscles, you develop stronger bones. Studies conducted have shown that bone density in young dancers has been known to increase during development during adolescence into adulthood.

Increased Balance and Flexibility:

Stretching is an important component to dancing. Being able to flex those limbs decreases your risk of injury. Flexibility is synergistic to improving balance as well. Balance is something all of us need to keep working at to retain particularly for our latter years.

Ballet for the Brain:

Being able to think about what you are doing by controlling isolated and independent motion within your body is another benefit of ballet. Many ballet techniques require this when dancing. This is also how to become better coordinated.


This will help many to stick with a regular exercise routine to promote life-long health.

Beat Boredom:

Ballet dancing to get in shape can be a fun and challenging way to keep you moving and healthy, especially if you are one who tires quickly of the same typical routine.


Dancing for bone health:

Dance and health