Learn to Teach Pole Dancing to Almost Anyone

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Know Your Stuff

Before you can teach pole dancing, you must know the proper techniques for the various pole dancing moves. Not only do you need to know how to do each move properly; you must be able to break it down into steps in order to teach it to your students.

Pole Dancing Instructor Course

A pole dancer instructor course, such as the one taught by Mary Ellen Weissman, offers Instructor Certification Courses in pole dancing. Effective teaching methods and safety are emphasized. If you’re teaching a class professionally, it’s highly recommended that you take an instructional course.

Know Your Students

As the popularity of pole dancing for fitness grows, more people are interested in adding a pole dancing class to their fitness routine.

You will need to assess your students’ physical fitness level, making note of issues and offering helpful suggestions. You may need to add modifications to certain dance moves. If necessary, suggest some strength-building exercises that your students can do outside of class.

Be sensitive to the feelings of your class members. Some students may be very self-conscious and need extra encouragement to flourish.

Proper Attire

What you and your students wear to class depends on where the class is being taught. Clothing can be a little sexy or a comfortable t-shirt and shorts.

Footwear is a matter of personal preference. Stilettos, boots, or bare feet all work well for pole dancing.

Be Prepared

Have the day’s lesson planned out in advance to keep the class moving and running smoothly. Practice the class lesson ahead of time to ensure that you have enough material planned to last the length of the class. If you do not get through everything that you have planned, you can always use it for the next class.

Plan each dance move so that you can teach it in small increments. Practice doing the steps slowly so that your students will be able to follow along.

The Lesson

Go through each step of a new dance move slowly and be sure everyone understands it before moving on to the next. Emphasize proper form as you go to ensure safety.

Give encouragement and remember to praise students when he or she masters a step. Assist students in properly positioning, if needed.

After the class has mastered all the steps in a new dance, practice the dance to some upbeat, pole dancing music.

Safety First

Pole dancing is strenuous work and, if done improperly, can cause injury.

In an interview by Elisa Preston, personal trainer Kelly Curtis says, “We continually remind students to be aware and conscious so as to not cause stress or strains on the body, back and joints” (SavannahNow.com , 2008)


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