Get Fit with Ballroom Dancing

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You can give your body a good workout through ballroom dancing. As you waltz or swing your way across the floor, you are actually helping your body burn about 260 calories per hour. Not only that, these dance moves can help tone your muscles and increase your flexibility.

Ballroom dancing requires your body to consistently move at a fairly rapid pace, which is good for your heart. It will speed up your heart rate and improve its endurance. It can also improve circulation throughout your body. This is not only good for your physical sense of well being, but it’s also good for your mind. Ballroom dancing gives your body the equivalent of a good cardio workout, which can help you feel relaxed and less stressed.

Build Muscles through Ballroom Dancing

Your muscles will also reap the benefits from your graceful moves across the floor. A good ballroom dance routine offers a mix of isometric and isotonic resistance. This is important for strengthening muscles. Ballroom dancing puts your body through a series of moves that can increase your overall flexibility. By doing these dance moves, you are stretching and extending your muscles. This is also good for your joints and can keep them from getting stiff.

The Mind/Body Connection

Like any fitness routine, ballroom dancing can offer your mind a good workout as well. Staying in shape helps keep you mentally alert. Learning new dance moves and training your body to do them stimulates your brain. This helps improve your memory, and cognitive function. Ballroom dancing also requires you to have a partner, which means that you are constantly interacting with others. This is also good for helping you maintain a good sense of well being. Ballroom dancing will also make your fitness routine a more enjoyable experience. As a result, you will be more likely to stick to it. Some ballroom dancers even report that this activity does wonders for their sense of self-worth. The moves require a person to move their feet to certain steps, while properly aligning their body in order to gracefully and methodically work their way across the floor. This helps improve posture and coordination.

The Strengthening Effects

Ballroom dancing is also a good way to strengthen the body. It involves a lot of fancy foot work and occasional leaps in the air. When doing certain moves, the dancer’s body weight is briefly supported by only one leg. This creates a type of resistance in which the dancer’s own body weight helps strengthen the leg muscles. Some moves involve working the arms, especially when one dancer lifts another and holds the person up into the air. Ballroom dancing may look easy and appear effortless, but it requires a lot of calculated effort that helps give dancers their fit and toned bodies.