Home Chiropractic Adjustments: Technique and Dangers

Home Chiropractic Adjustments

What Is An Adjustment?

A lot of people cannot afford chiropractic adjustments except for the procedures that can be done at home. However, there are very few people who offer chiropractic care at home. Most of those people who do are amateurs and are completely untrained. While there are books and websites that promise to teach one how to do home chiropractics, one does have to wonder how effective these techniques are and how safe they are to preform. However, since this is so popular, there are some suggestions that can help to keep everyone safe during such treatments.

Dangers of Home Adjustments

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There are a lot of dangers associated with home adjustments by unprofessionally trained people. One such risk is death through the breaking of the brain stem away from the brain or away from the spine. This will stop the heart and stop the breathing of an individual, causing death. Other concerns include paralysis, excessive pain, pinched nerves, torn or bruised muscles and a malalignment of the spine. Each of these concerns are addressed by professional chiropractors, but most individuals who attempt to preform the procedure on their friends or family are not able to prevent these damages from occurring.

Home Chiropractic Books and Website

There are a lot of books and websites that promise to offer the best information as to how to safely preform chiropractic adjustments within the home. When looking at these websites and books, be sure to evaluate if the individual who wrote the piece is a doctor or not. Be prepared to look up their name and verify that they are professionals and have a good record for both teaching and practicing chiropractics. If there are several complaints about the individual or the book that was written regarding the at home spinal adjustments, then do not purchase the book or believe the website.

Tips for Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are very complex and difficult to preform. It is suggested that only trained professionals attempt to adjust a person's spine. However, for those who are willing to take the risk, there are some suggestions that can help to keep everyone safe.

  1. Listen to the individual who's back is being adjusted. If he or she states that they are experiencing pain, stop immediately.
  2. Do not use anything on the back of the individual who is being assisted. This includes medication or tools to assist with the adjustment.
  3. Take a very calm and easy going approach to correcting the individual's back. Do not use excessive pressure or manipulation as this can cause injury.
  4. Do not work on any individual who is currently ill. There are some diseases that can cause the individual to have a higher risk for injury.

Do not work on an individual who has a serious spinal problem, such as curvature or a weakened spine.


It is important to remember that the spine and neck are very fragile. These can be very easily injured if pressure or manipulation is too much for the series of joints that make up the spine and neck. It is very important that care is exercised when doing or having home chiropractic adjustments to ensure one's safety.


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