Can Goats Milk Be Used in Place of Infants Formula? How Can Goats Milk Be Used?

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Can Goats Milk Be Used for Babies?

If you have ever wondered, can goat’s milk be used for babies, the answer is yes. If the milk is properly prepared following a certain recipe, goat’s milk can be safely substituted for infant formula and breast milk. It is important to follow the recipe because infants can easily become dehydrated if it is not followed. The recipe adds the nutrients, proteins, and fats into the goat’s milk that are normally found in breast milk and infant formula.

Are there Benefits to Goats Milk?

Goat’s milk can benefit infants with certain conditions. Goat’s milk has shown to benefit infants with colic, asthma, and eczema. The milk has also shown to relieve diarrhea, constipation, and gas. Goat’s milk can benefit infants in these areas because the fat and protein molecules are smaller than those in cow’s milk. This makes it much easier for infants to digest.

Goats Milk vs. Breast Milk

Although breast milk is the best milk to give to infants, many consider goat’s milk to be the next best natural milk for infants. There are many similarities and many differences between human breast milk and goat’s milk.

Breast milk is much richer in lactose, whey, and vitamin C than goat’s milk. It also contains higher amounts of vitamin B12, folic acid, and niacin than the milk from goats. Human breast milk contains long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids.

By using the special goats milk recipe for formula, you can make the goat’s milk to be very similar to that of human breast milk. Goat’s milk is able to provide an infant with many nutrients and qualities the powdered formula is not capable of producing. The milk from goats has more enzymes, nutrients, and probiotics than that of powdered infant formula.

Choosing Goats Milk

When choosing goats milk for infants, it is best to use pasteurized milk. It is best to use pasteurized milk because many of the animals live in dirty conditions that can infect the milk with harmful bacteria.

If you choose to use fresh milk from a goat, make sure the animal is grass fed only. The milk should be collected from goats that are in clean, dry stalls. The milking process should be kept as clean and sterile as possible. You can easily kill many harmful bacteria in the milk by simply boiling it at home.


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