Healthy Snacks for a Child’s Party

Fruit and Cheese Cubes

Healthy food is never so enticing to kids as when it is served creatively. Cube various types of fruits and cheeses and stick a toothpick into each cube (you can also use a melon baller to create fruit balls). Arrange them attractively on a platter and present them to the kids. You might be surprised how well this will go over. You can even serve them with a healthy yogurt or avocado dip for some extra excitement.

Finger Sandwiches

Cutting sandwiches into bite-size pieces turns them from a boring lunch food to the perfect snack. Use whole grain bread, and try some fun fillings, such as tuna, egg salad, deli meat, avocado and tomato, or cheese and cucumber. Quarter the sandwiches into small squares or triangles and serve.

Homemade Pita Pizza

Looking for a snack kids can make themselves? Give each kids a whole wheat pita (small ones, if you’d like), and have them add their own sauce and shredded cheese. Pass around bowls of cut up vegetables as toppings – thinly sliced peppers, mushrooms, and onions work well. Encourage younger kids to make faces or other patterns on their pizzas. Bake them until the cheese melts well and distribute to the partygoers.


Looking for something healthier than the typical cupcake? Try some healthy muffins instead. Recipes abound for delicious muffins that the kids will enjoy. Try adding raisins, nuts, or chopped fruits to the butter for a sweet or crunchy surprise. Make sure to put them in cupcake holders, since for many kids, peeling off the holders is part of the fun.

Party Yogurt

Fill small party cups with plain yogurt, topped with blueberries and a healthy granola mix. The mixture of sweet and crunchy is perfect for a party snack. Make sure to include a spoon in each small cup.


Looking for an alternative to soft drinks? Try serving smoothies or milkshakes made with fresh fruit. Alternatively, invest in an orange juicer and let kids make their own orange juice. Often the thrill of drinking their own creation will override any desire for less healthy drinks.

These healthy party snacks are the perfect way to balance fun with nutrition. Your kids will love these snacks, and they’re great for everyday use too – not just for parties!