Smoothies: How to Give Proper Nutrients to Kids with Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

Breakfast Smoothies

Healthy breakfast smoothies are a fun and delicious way to make sure your child receives the vital nutrients they need to grow and develop properly. Many children do not like to eat breakfast despite the fact it is the most important meal of the day . Adding important ingredients into the smoothies can ensure you are giving your child what they need to grow and function properly.

Nutrients for Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to hide some of the foods children do not like to eat. You can add many basic ingredients to smoothies to ensure they are receiving all the nutrients they need. You can then later add other healthy foods into the smoothies to cover up the taste of the less yummy foods.

You can add some granola into a smoothie. If it is well blended, your child will not even notice it is in there. Adding milk into a smoothie is a great way to give your child the calcium they need to grow strong, healthy bones and teeth. Adding yogurt is another great way to give children the calcium they need.

Nutrients for Taste

Many fruits and vegetables can be added into healthy breakfast smoothies to give them a delicious taste. They will also give your child many vitamins they need to stay healthy. Adding bananas into a breakfast smoothing will give them the potassium they need to function properly and support healthy muscles. Dark colored fruit is a good option to add into smoothie because of the many vitamins they contain.

You can even add vegetables into a smoothie. It is often difficult to get a child to eat the vegetables they need to stay healthy. But, by adding them into smoothies, you can make sure they receive those vital nutrients. You can add carrots into the smoothie to support their eye sight and chances are they will not even notice they are in it. Adding a small amount of peas, lettuce, or zucchini into a smoothie is a great way to get your child to receive the nutrients from vegetables.

Many children skip breakfast because they are running late. Giving them a healthy smoothie is a great way for them to have their breakfast while on the run.


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