A Relaxation CD for Child with Attention Deficit iIs an Excellent Idea

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The Benefits of Relaxation CDs

Research indicates that music can have an incredibly profound effect on the body and the psyche. When music is used to help children with ADHD, this is referred to as music therapy. One way to incorporate music therapy into an ADHD child’s life is through relaxation CDs. The CDs can be musical, conversational, or a combination of both.

Music can be incredibly useful for ADHD children. Common benefits of relaxation CDs include decreased irritability, increase in positive attitude, an increased ability to deal with changes and transitions, more restful sleep, and a decrease in stress and anxiety. Not only can children with ADHD benefit from relaxation CDs, children with a variety of other health issues including Austim, Asperger, OCD, depression, and anxiety disorders can also greatly benefit from relaxation CDs.

Providers of Relaxation CDs

One popular provider of relaxation CDs for ADHD is Hemi Sync. The company Hemi Sync has a variety of relaxation CDs that are specially designed for the ADHD brain. ADHD affects the brainwaves of children, but the right music can stimulate brainwaves and alleviate the effects of ADHD. Music provides a non-medicated approach to enhancing brainwaves affected by ADHD.

Many relaxation CDs for children cater to children that cannot sleep. Children that suffer from ADD or ADHD often deal with anxiety or hyperactivity. These behavioral issues can make getting to sleep a challenge. Relaxation CDs that double as sleep aids are ideal for helping a child relax and sleep peacefully. A company called Joyfilled Music produces another popular relaxation CD for a child with attention deficit disorder. Joyfilled Music createds a serene complilation called The Dream Child CD that works for sleep time or naptime. For some families, relaxation CDs are an important part of a daily or bedtime ritual.

Other Considerations for ADHD Children

In addition to needing help with relaxation, children with ADHD may also need assistance with concentration as well. Parents who want to help their children develop better concentration skills through music should look for music with stronger and faster beats. Dr. Frank Lawlis, author of The ADD Answer recommends music that emphasizes drums for focused thinking. A stronger and faster beat improves concentration and sharpens alertness, whereas a slower tempo produces a calmer state.

Parents should also consider how white noise can help calm or relax an ADHD child. Increasingly, white noise CDs have grown in popularity. White noise is being used to increase productivity, improve concentration, and relaxation.

When looking for a relaxation CD for a child with attention deficit disorder, parents and caregivers should consider what counselors and therapists think about the CD. CDs that are endorsed or recommended by therapist, family counselors, or ADHD coaches, are likely to produce desirable results.

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