Background of Pharmacogenomics and Why It's Important

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Pharmacogenomics, as it name suggests, incorporates pharmacology and genomics to create a new field of health care technology that can be difficult to fully understand. A deeper look into pharmacology and two of its branches, Pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics is needed to fully comprehend the importance and vital need for this type of medical study.

Pharmacogenomics vs. Pharmogenetics

Some people tend to believe that Pharmacogenomics is synonymous with Pharmacogenetics, while they are closely related in pharmacology this isn’t exactly accurate. Pharmacogenomics encompasses genomic technology with a wider ranging function when it comes to new medical breakthroughs as well as the more common and widely used drugs whereas Pharmacogenetics reflects on single genes that raise awareness. Pharmacogenomics is all about the whole genome use.

Okay, so simply speaking, Pharmacogenomics handles the control of genetic diversity in patients when they are taking medications. This application studies the toxic elements and levels as well as over all effectiveness. This helps to develop better drugs that have fewer side effects and more of an efficient delivery system.

A Brief Background on Pharmacology

Pharmacogenomics is a branch of pharmacology. Pharmacology is basically the exploration of how the living structure of the human body interacts with the chemicals that are in drugs. Medicines are made to help heal the body but we do not know automatically how they will react with the body itself until tests are run and further studies are completed. These come in the form of Pharmacogenomics and many other branches of biological investigation.

Everybody is different, there are such things as the ‘average’ patient but not everyone is average. Some people have underlying health conditions that make them different, and that’s just the way life is. Pharmacogenomics is one way to classify diversities and aid all people instead of just the most common people with the most common issues. This research enables us to broaden the spectrum of medicine.

Why is Pharmacogenomics So Important?

As we explore through medical technology we have the potential to learn more about the human body while also advancing in medical areas. Unlocking the medical secrets by way of Pharmacogenomics can help us better understand the immediate and the long lasting effects caused by toxicity levels in the chemical based pharmaceuticals.

This technology is very advanced and it’s for the good of all of mankind. This technology promises to only get bigger and better with time. This is all an effort to ensure that someday we can take prescription and over the counter drugs without all of the side effects and even the risk of death all the while allowing the benefits of the medicine to do exactly what it is in tended to.

Pharmacology is a serious part of our lives whether most people realize it’s over whelming significance or not. In order for us to learn about what tolerances our bodies might have or interactions and reactions that certain drugs may cause, we need to do extensive research. This alone will be what lifts medical technology to a safer more successful platform.