RNA Research Leading to Breakthroughs in Curing Deadly Diseases

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Technology to Help Cure Diseases

Modern technology is proving to be one of our best assets in preventing, treating and even curing diseases. The scientists at Wayne State are hard at work discovering new ways to apply technology to solving some of the most painful and deadly disease that we are facing.

Difference Between RNA and DNA

RNA, or Ribonucleic Acid, is made up of nucleotide units. RNA is similar to, yet different than, DNA. RNA is a single strand whereas DNA is double stranded, hence the name “double helix”. RNA and DNA both contain genetic information but RNA is the one that also is essential to cell function.

Why is RNA Research so Important?

David Rueda Ph.D. of Wayne State, while also in collaboration with Roland Sigel, Ph.D., at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, began important research. By carefully observing the normal, proper functions of the cell communications of the RNA molecules, Rueda was able to discover something scientifically wonderful and vital to medical science.

The reason that observing the actual functions was so important in this specific study was because many diseases today are associated in one way or another to RNA. So, by watching the molecules function so intently a record was then made to show each step of their functionality.

RNA Breakthroughs to Help Cure Deadly Diseases

This research yielded vital information. Such as magnesium added during a certain phase motivates and allows the molecules to work in a much better capacity and they are far more lively.

This type of application will be used, in the future, for eliminating cancer proteins as well as helping people with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other neurological diseases. This one step has the potential to unlock several medical mysteries and aid us in finding a cure for deadly illnesses.

What Does This Technology Mean for Medical Science?

As you can see, this was a simple discovery in terms of the thought and act of observing the molecules. For so many things to be realized by this one study a whole new world of medical miracles has been opened to us. Modern technology is an endless help to exploring new platforms in science. More of this line of thinking can help crack the codes of just how serious illnesses can take over a body thus learning various ways to prevent it from happening.