Breast Cancer and the Heart Chakra: Learn About The Connection Between Breast Cancer And The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra

Many believe that there is a torn heart chakra in every patient that has breast cancer. Situations that occur in everyday life such as divorce, death, betrayal, abuse and neglect can wound the heart chakra and lead to disease.

The purpose of the heart chakra is emotional empowerment. It helps teach forgiveness, trust, compassion and unconditional love. Emotions like fear, hope, anger, jealousy and anger all center around the heart chakra which is directly related to the breast area of the body. These emotions and issues affect the health of a woman’s breasts. Over time, this damage to the heart chakra leads to disease and illness.

Breast Cancer Prevention

To help prevent breast cancer due to a damaged heart chakra, the golden flower chakra meditation is recommended along with the use of gemstones. The golden flower chakra meditation will open the heart chakra and allow you to experience feeling whole and bring an over all sense of well being to you. This simple method can be used anytime and anywhere with practice. It will also help to heal past traumas, but may bring emotional release with it. Be prepared for this release at first and allow it to happen.

The Golden Flower Meditation

First, take a couple of deep breaths and empty your mind as much as possible. Focus your awareness on the golden flower, which is the area at the upper bridge of the nose that is even with both eyes for a couple of minutes.

Next, see your heart chakra gently opening with the help of the golden flower. See your heart chakra filling with white light. See this inner radiance entering and filling your heart chakra. It is normal to feel energy move within you during this meditation and you may be overcome with a new sense of well being.

Ruby Rose

Ruby rose is a stone that when worn can establish a connection between your emotions and your physical body through your heart chakra. It will help keep your thoughts and emotions clear. Ruby rose will help heal your wounds by soothing and healing the heart chakra. It massages the chakra and allows it to let go of the negative emotions and relax.


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