Ways to Control Night Binge Eating

Ways to Control Night Binge Eating
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Type of Night Binge Eating

Learning how to control night binge eating is essential to sufferers as additional eating disorders, mood disorders, and depression can accompany this condition. There are several types of night-time binge eating, including Night-Eating Syndrome (NES). People with NES feel compelled to eat high-fat, high-calorie foods during the night. Others night binge eating patients will eat sparsely during the day then consume large amounts of foods during the night. There are several ways to eliminate night binge eating from your life.

Eat a Late Dinner

Those with a night binge eating condition should rearrange their eating schedule to help control their eating behaviors. Instead of eating three main meals and two snacks each day, consume a small meal or snack every three hours. For those who stay up late at night, the time that dinner ends and the time that you go to sleep may be too long of a period to go without eating, resulting in night binge eating. Eating small, healthy meals or snacks throughout the day and eating a late dinner can help to eliminate the binge eating behaviors at night.

Ditch the Temptations

When trying to control night binge eating, it’s important to get rid of any high-calorie, high-fat “comfort” foods. Many people consume these foods at night as they release a chemical known as serotonin in the brain. While serotonin works to improve your mood and make you fall asleep easier, they are highly addictive and are bad for your health. Getting rid of common binge foods such as ice cream or baked goods can help you get rid of the temptation that these foods cause.

Exercise at Night

To avoid binge eating during the night, try exercising one hour before bed. Many people avoid night-time exercising as it can provide a boost of energy that makes it difficult to fall asleep. However, if timed right, exercise can act as an appetite-suppressant that is needed directly before bed. Participate in a mild exercise routine one hour before bed, followed by a warm shower. This may be just what you need to curb your night time binge.

Feel Full without Food

Tricking your body into feel full can help to eliminate the need for food during the night. Drinking a warm beverage before bed, such as caffeine- free, low-fat hot chocolate or hot herbal tea, can help your body feel full. If some type of food is a must before bed, choose a high-fiber food, such as raw fruits or vegetables.

Night Binge Tips & Tricks

There are a few simple tips that can help some sufferers of night binging stop thinking about food before bed. Brushing your teeth with strong, mint toothpaste and a strong mouthwash can make your teeth and mouth feel clean. When this occurs, many people will want to avoid dirtying them. Toothpaste with Sodium Laureth can also make the taste of food less-appealing by suppressing the taste buds.




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