Alternative Therapy for Treating Autism

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Understanding Autism

Autism is a neurological disorder that can also affect the whole body. Various organs can be involved which can bring a lot of pain. So, it really depends on the specific way it is impacting the child. Because autism doesn’t have a certain or predictable influence on a body it is really difficult to treat with one pill or miracle drug. The biggest problem with these types of drugs is that they tend to produce serious side effects. This is the reason that more and more parents are learning about safe, effective and affordable alternative- herbal therapies for autism.

One very important thing that all parents should remember is not to suddenly take a child off of the prescription drugs unless carefully monitored by a physician. If they are already taking the medication or are showing signs of having side effects it is mandatory you seek professional help to get the child off of the treatment under close observation.

Some symptoms can include: shyness, not wanting friendships with those their own age, desire to be isolated, delayed or poor speech, the constant need for a set routine, nonverbal communication skills, repetitive use of language or sometimes body rocking. Parents are typically the first to notice these signs and bring it to the doctor’s attention.

Alternative Therapies for Autism

Children with autism frequently are found to have deficiencies in specific vitamins such as:

• Selenium

• Zinc

• Magnesium

• Iron

• Essential fatty acids

• Vitamins: A, D, E , B-6, B-12

Eating foods that are rich in these nutrients can help them with most symptoms. If they are not willing to eat the foods that they need, a multivitamin supplement can be effective in replenishing the supply.

As far as herbal alternative therapies for autism, green tea is showing promise. It has an all natural healing power and is full of antioxidants.

Lemon Balm has sedative properties and tends to calm and relax autistic children. It relieves restlessness and nervousness.

St. John’s Wort has long been used to combat and effectively treat mood disorders of all types. Depression and irritability are among those that this herb really handles well. This makes it one of the best alternative-herbal therapies for autism.

All of the above are affordable. Each item can cost around ten dollars or under, and last a month or more depending on how much you buy and of what brand.


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