Using Dimethyl Glycine Supplement as an Autism Treatment

Using Dimethyl Glycine Supplement as an Autism Treatment
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Treatment Options

Many parents who opt not to choose the medication route tend to look for alternative treatments. These treatments may involve oral supplements, special diet or the use of therapeutic devices recommended from an occupational or physical therapist. It usually takes a combination of different types of treatments to find a routine that works for each child. What works for one child may not work for another as autism is on a spectrum and no two child’s symptoms are exactly the same.

Dimethyl Glycine Supplement

How Children Can Benefit

Dimethyl glycine, often abbreviated as DMG, is produced in the body in small amounts. It is considered a food as it is found in many grains and meat and boasts many benefits which include improvement of circulation, boosting of the immune system and protection of DNA. Children who take prescription medication can benefit as well as medication can decrease the absorption of dimethyl glycine made in the body.

Dimethyl glycine has been known to improve mental activity and increase energy. In studies taken place over the last twenty years it has been reported to lessen the severity of seizures and also improve speech in children who experienced difficulty in that area. Before trying any supplement, especially on a child, you will want to talk to your doctor about the risks if any. If the child already suffers from some hyperactivity, you may want to discuss with the doctor if the treatment is right for your child, or if anything can be used along with the supplement to reduce hyperactivity that is sometimes a side effect of taking the DMG. If you are curious in testing it out , it may be available in certain health food stores and is widely available from several different brands online in liquid form with a variety of flavors. It is fairly affordable also compared to other supplements as a single bottle lasts about 2 months. It is very worth trying and could become an important part of your daily regimen!