Famous People with Asperger's

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Asperger’s syndrome is a condition characterized by deficits in social and language skills, and sensory issues. However, people with autism also have focused minds, and are often able to create and discover valuable things that other people may not be able to do. Their way of looking at things is different, and that often makes them great artists and writers. Here are some famous people who have been rumored to have Asperger’s syndrome. However, as the criteria for Asperger’s was not established till recently, it is difficult to say if they had Asperger’s or any other similar condition. However, this article will give you some interesting information about famous people with Asperger’s and will help you understand more about this condition.

Famous People With Aspergers

Albert Einstein: Albert Einstein was a great scientist who was able to make many discoveries and contributor to the world of science, but in real life he was reported to be an odd person. He also developed language skills later than most children. He is rumored to have had Asperger’s or a similar condition on the autism spectrum.

Sir Isaac Newton FRS**:** He was a great philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician. He made great discoveries in the area of science, and came up with the laws of motion. However, this brilliant man had a single focused mind. Activities and things other than his subjects did not interest him.

Leonardo da Vinci: He created the famous “Mona Lisa” but spent 12 years just paining her lips. This shows that he may have been had Asperger’s. Furthermore, people with Asperger’s are often highly talented in art.

Hans Christian Anderson: He was the writer of many famous fables and children’s books, however, he could not spell well and had difficulties with reading skills. He too, is rumored to have had autism.

William Shakespeare: He has written stories and plays that have been loved over the years by all. However, it is said that he could not spell his own name correctly sometimes. This characteristic is often seen in children with autism/Asperger’s. Thus, they say that he, too, may have had Asperger’s.

Bill Gates: He is one of the famous people of today’s time who have been said to have Asperger’s. He is socially awkward, and also has a very focused mind. However, his ability to think creatively, and his brilliance in his area of work have helped him contribute to and influence lives of most computer users in the world.

Thus, people with Asperger’s are gifted in many ways. Here are some more famous people with Asperger’s in today’s world. Some scientists say that it’s not that they are geniuses, but just that they have such narrowed interests, and can be so focused on their work, that it helps them excel in that field. People with Asperger’s have brought something to this world that was different and unique. To do this, they needed their friends and family to accept their odd behaviors and believe in them. We too, must not put down people who are different from us, and must encourage them to try their best and do what they can do best. Our education system must also focus on helping children improve in strong areas, rather than focusing on their difficulties.

So, if you have a child with Asperger’s encourage them, and provide every opportunity for them to learn. Who knows, they too may become famous some day!






This article is not based on historical or other reliable sources. The content of this article cannot be verified as these people have not undergone assessments to prove that they have Asperger’s.