After an Asperger Syndrome Diagnosis: Where a Parent Should Start

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Once your child has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, get started doing all the research you can. The Internet will be a great place to start. You’ll find many resources online that will help guide you in making the best decisions for your child. Just make sure the sources you rely on are reliable. Anyone can publish advice on the Internet, and not all of it is good advice. Stick to reputable websites. You can find plenty of resources to help educate you about Aspergers and what you can do to help your child succeed in life. Use this information to help your child, not to limit him/her. A diagnosis is should never limit what you expect of your child.

The Internet

Online communities dedicated to supporting people with Aspergers Syndrome are another great place to go after diagnosis. You can sign up for an online support group and learn all about Aspergers and what other families are doing to help their children. You’ll make friends with other parents who have kids with Aspergers, and be able to share your own concerns. Lots of information about Aspergers can be found on many of these online communities, from Aspergers symptoms to an assortment of articles on Aspergers.

Your School System

Your local school system can provide educational support if needed after an Asperger Syndrome diagnosis. You may choose to get your child enrolled in a special education program after diagnosis. Speak to your child’s classroom teacher and request that your child be tested for special education services. Let the teacher know that your child has received an Asperger Syndrome diagnosis. This is relevant information. Your child will be tested and a meeting will be held to determine whether or not the current regular education placement meets his/her needs. You will be able to voice your opinion and concerns, as well as ask questions. An autism specialist will probably be at the meeting. The whole “team” will work together to determine what extra help is needed for your child. Some children with Asperger symptoms can function in the regular education classroom with a little extra support, while others may need to spend at least part of their day in a separate class.

Parent Support Groups

A local parent support group is a great place to go for support after you’ve received an Asperger Syndrome diagnosis for your child. You’ll find people who are going through the same challenges that you face, and have met them head on. Support groups bring in guest speakers, such as autism specialists, psychologists, doctors, and other professionals who have experience in meeting the needs of kids with Aspergers and their families. You may be able to help your child make friends through a local support group. Finding other children your child can relate to is sure to be a positive step.