Natural Herbs for Lupus Treatment: Learn Which Herbs You Can Take to Assist in the Treatment of Lupus

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Lupus is a serious medical condition that produces many painful and uncomfortable symptoms. Natural herbs can help decrease the severity of the symptoms and aid in lupus treatment. Natural herbs for Lupus will not completely cure this condition; however they can offer relief for many of the symptoms lupus produces.


Lupus is a medical condition that produces painful and uncomfortable inflammation in the body. Lupus flare ups usually affect the joints, skin, and organs. Lupus affects the body’s immune system, causing the body to produce abnormal cells. Many factors can cause Lupus symptoms to flare up, making this condition very difficult to live with. Natural herbs for lupus can help relieve the flare ups of lupus.

Herbs for Lupus

When herbs and supplements are combined with conventional lupus treatments, the painful symptoms of this condition can greatly be decreased and even relieved. Certain herbs and supplements may even slow the progression of the disease. Most of the herbs that can be used for Lupus do not produce serious side effects or complications. Although many herbs are beneficial, it may take months before the benefits begin to occur.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex can be taken to relieve a number of symptoms of Lupus. The skin of the body, mucus membranes that line parts of the body, and the joints can benefit from the use of Vitamin B complex. The blood and nerves of the body can also respond to use of this supplement. When Vitamin B complex is combined with Vitamin C and Vitamin E, the inflammation that affects multiple areas of the body can be decreased.

Fatty Acids

Herbs and supplements that contain fatty acids can benefit elevated cholesterol levels caused by the inflammation. Flaxseed, fish oil, and evening primrose have shown to relieve multiple symptoms of lupus. The organs of the body, including the kidneys and the skin can be maintained with these natural treatments.

The dosage requirements for each herb and supplement vary. Certain risks may be associated with each natural remedy and use of these remedies should be monitored by a doctor. It is important to talk to a doctor before taking any natural remedy because certain herbs and supplements may interact with modern medications.


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