Five Homeopathics Remedies for Arthritis

Five Homeopathics Remedies for Arthritis
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No one likes living with pain, and for arthritis sufferers, continued inflammation leads to continued pain. There are many over-the-counter products sold to help arthritis, but like most synthetic drugs, you never know how such products might accumulate in the body, not to mention, the side effects with some of them. When natural alternatives can be taken, they should. This is where homeopathic products come in. defines homeopathy as, “a system of medicine that is made from traces of plant, mineral, and organic ingredients. These medicines are prepared by a pharmacological process called potentization. This process involves consecutive dilutions of a natural ingredient in some medium, usually water. The strength of the potency is inversely proportional to the number of dilutions (Ullman 1995). There is no physical trace of the original ingredient after the process is completed. A single remedy has the name of the original ingredient. The remedy can be taken orally in a liquid base or as a sugar pill. Modern homeopathic companies also produce remedies as ointments, lotions, eye drops, syrups, and sprays.”

Many have benefited from the use of homeopathic products, including arthritis sufferers. Following are five homeopathic products that can be taken to help alleviate symptoms related to arthritis, including: inflammation, swelling, tight joints, stiffness, muscle aches, fatigue, redness and warmth and pain.

Arnica Montana

Arnica ( Arnica montana) is a very popular homeopathic remedy used to help those suffering with injuries, sprains and bruises. It is often found in homeopathic mixes for arthritis sufferers. Besides being taken internally, often topical creams are made with Arnica. This cream or ointment has been used by Europeans and Native Americans since the 1500’s. It helps soothe sore muscle, relieves the aches and pains that come with inflammation and heals muscle wounds.

Rhus toxicodendron

Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus tox.) is actually poison ivy! Luckily, in homeopathy, the dangerous parts are “shaken” or diluted out, leaving only the remedy to do its job. Rhus tox is frequently used in any and all conditions that are accompanied by fever, painful muscles and swollen glands. It is very good against inflammation of mucous membranes, nerve pain, strains and sprains, rheumatism, and arthritis. It is good for many other conditions, including skin problems associated with itching, redness and infection.

Benzoicum acidum

Benzoicum acidum (benzoic acid) in homeopathy is used for any pain and pressure along the spinal column. These pains can also spread to the lower back and kidney area. It helps relieve joint pain, cracking and irritation associated with movement and motion. For swelling of the wrists and knees, this homeopathic product works wonders. People also use it for pain and weariness in their feet and toes.

Bryonia alba

For pains especially related to motion, tearing and physical weakness, Bryonia alba is a good homeopathic rescue. Often used with other homeopathic products against arthritis, it helps those who have pain lying on one side or pressure and tightness caused by exertion and general movement.


Like the others mentioned above, Dulcamara, is very good for inflammation of the joints and muscles and against the pain associated with arthritis. It is often found in combination with the above four in various homeopathic formulas.

There is no reason arthritis sufferers should live with constant pain. Many homeopathic remedies and solutions exist to make life more comfortable and free.


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