Adult ADHD Benefits: The Benefits of Having ADHD

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Adult ADHD Benefits

Almost five percent of the adult population in America has ADHD ( With that many people having this disease it is important to note that there are great benefits from having ADHD. I was diagnosed twenty years ago. At that time my doctor put me on Ritalin. My students hated me when I was on the drug. I felt like a walking zombie. At that moment, I decided the drugs were not for me. I decided that as long as I had a planner I could live with the faults and as long as I accentuated the positive aspects of the disease, I could make my students and myself happy in the process. There are adult ADHD benefits.

What Are the Benefits of ADHD?

For me, the most important benefit is my creativity. When I am not on any medication my mind is grinding out ideas a mile a minute. As a writer, those ideas are all welcome and my brainstorming mind comes up with some very unique ideas.

Because our mind is working so fast, professions where you run around all day are perfect for us. As a photographer and newspaper writer, you need somebody who likes to chase the story and doesn’t mind running all around town. We cherish the fact that the job is different every day. ADHD adults get bored in jobs that have the same routine all of the time. Boredom comes to us quickly if the job is monotonous but there are adult ADHD benefits.

ADHD adults have drive and get hyper focused on tasks. When we find something we love, you can’t get us to stop. We keep going at it until it is perfect. We are resilient to criticism and do not take it too seriously.

We notice everything because we are hypersensitive to the world around us. This also steers us up to be highly intuitive. It’s almost like we can read people’s minds or have that sixth sense that you hear about.

Our artis****tic talent is abundant. We are highly visual. There are many artists, writers, designers, desktop publishers, and musicians who have ADHD. Mozart and Beethoven are two composers who were said to have ADHD. And what about comedians? We love to laugh and we love to make people laugh. Robin Williams and Whoopie Goldberg are said to have ADHD.There are benefits in having the condition.

We Connect With People

We have a great connection with people because we are charismatic. People are drawn to those of us with ADHD and our compassion for people is real.

We love to play games and solve problems. We are good at games and puzzles because of our close look at the world around us. We will play until we win.

So, if you want to meet people who tell it like it is and are the visionaries and dreamers of the future, come spend some time with us. You will find a group of people who love life and show it twenty four hours a day. If you can set aside our problems, we can be your most trusted friend and ally.


Source of stat CHADD (children and adults with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder)