ADHD Counseling Techniques: Top Techniques Used To Council Those with ADHD

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Top Techniques Used To Council Those with ADHD

Many ADHD sufferers seek help from a mental health professional once they learn of their diagnosis. Health professionals use a variety of techniques to treat ADHD, however; there are certain techniques that are more common and popular because of their ability to benefit ADHD sufferers. Although ADHD is a neurobiological condition, ADHD counseling techniques can be used to treat the disorder.

One of the most popular counseling techniques used to treat ADHD is cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of therapy that works to correct ingrained behaviors that are diminishing an individual’s quality of life. The use of this ADHD counseling technique requires working on specific negative behaviors each therapy session. Through cognitive behavior therapy, the individual with ADHD learns how to use new thinking skills that will affect problem behavior patterns.

Rewards systems are another effective ADHD counseling technique that counselors can use. Setting up a rewards program can work for both children and adults with ADHD. A rewards program encourages the individual with ADHD to make personal choices that can defeat some of their ADHD symptoms. A rewards system allows the individual to practice personal problem solving techniques as well as developing reasonable expectations for themselves. A rewards system is just one of the ways that counselors help individuals with ADHD retrain their brains.

Some sufferers of ADHD require counseling in the area of self-esteem. It isn’t uncommon for a person with ADHD to have struggles in their relationships and at work. These difficulties can be detrimental to a person’s self esteem and cause the individual to see his or her self in a negative way. If the person is feeling like a failure due to struggles with ADHD, the counselor will take steps to deal with this area. Self-esteem counseling evaluates three primary thoughts in the ADHD sufferer. These thoughts include how the ADHD sufferer views self, what the ADHD sufferer expects of self, and how other people think and feel about the ADHD sufferer.

Other Techniques To Consider

Some counselors will even advocate more natural and quite unusual ADHD counseling techniques to help their clients manage. G Frank Lawlis, the author of The ADD Answer advocates several counseling techniques that can be used by ADHD sufferers to improve concentration and reduce symptoms. These activities included music and drumming, chewing gum, exercise, and even exposure to blue light. Research indicates that these activities stimulate an area of the brain that helps reduce symptoms. For example, chewing gum stimulates temporal and frontal lobe activity. This stimulation translates into better concentration and lower anxiety, which is essential for ADHD sufferers.

When going to a counselor for ADHD treatment, it’s always best for the individual to find a mental health professional who uses techniques they feel comfortable with. Some counselors recommend medication in addition to counseling, while others will treat ADHD solely through counseling methods.

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