Yoga As Treatment For Adult ADHD Inattentive Type Can Do Wonders

Yoga As Treatment For Adult ADHD Inattentive Type Can Do Wonders
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Learn to Stay Focused on the Tiniest of Details

Yoga as treatment for adult ADHD inattentive types can be extremely effective in some individuals who suffer from this mental disorder. For centuries, yogis have understood the integral connection between the mind and body, discovering that the physical practice of yoga can have a profound effect on attaining equanimity and a more focused, attentive mind. Some would translate the Sanskrit definition of yoga as stated in the ancient work known as Patanjali’s Sutras as “the patterning of consciousness.” In some ways, yoga changes the way you think, enabling the practitioner to concentrate on a tiny muscle in one section of their body that they were never aware of until a good yoga teacher introduced it to them and taught them to focus on it. With this kind of intense attention to detail, the student becomes able to block everything else out to concentrate on the task at hand. Essentially, learning to help balance and condition the body helps do the same thing to the mind.

Iyengar Yoga is a particular practice designed for anyone regardless of age or what kind of shape they’re in because Iyengar Yoga uses props (such as bolsters, belts, blankets, and the like) so people can do the best they can to correctly attain a pose without injuring themselves. Yoga Asanas (poses) and Pranayama (controlled breathing) work to align the body (particularly the spine, neck, and back) and the postures and breathing together work to soothe the central nervous system and bring about relaxation. When you’re not aligned properly, this creates stress on both the body and mind. This attention and awareness that yoga cultivates in the body also helps reshape the mind to make it more attuned, sharp, and present for each moment. The feeling of relief these poses create in your joints, hips, and back help the student relax and gain mastery over a wild mind. Continuing dedication to this discipline on the mat harmonizes the body, mind, and emotions to act with integration rather than each separately acting on its own pulling you wildly in different directions and shattering your ability to concentrate effectively.

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Kundalini Yoga plus a Seal of Approval from Experts in the Medical Community

These newly learned skills bode well for an adult with ADHD who suffers from an inability to stay focused without succumbing to a multitude of distractions which stem from both internal and external triggers. Folks with ADHD that learn to practice yoga might learn to arrest the tendency to engage impulsive behavior before they’re wrapped up in it. Their thoughts and actions may become easier to manage and regulate. Kundalini Yoga is another type of yoga that emphasizes rapid actions on the mat and the particular attention some poses have on the base of the spine where there are many nerve centers might especially contribute to a sharper focusing ability. The movements, coupled with what’s known as a “breath of fire” really works to cleanse the mind and rid the body of toxins.

The world renowned Mayo Clinic freely acknowledges that yoga can alleviate symptoms of ADHD, although they recommend that you practice it in conjunction with effective mental health treatments and appropriate medications. In recent years, scientists have seen the profound effects years of yoga and meditation have had on dedicated practitioners and yogis by looking at brain mapping devices such as CAT scans and the like. If you have ADHD, give yoga a try because you have nothing to lose and perhaps a much more satisfactory and fulfilling life to gain.


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