Five Beneficial and Therapeutic Activities for Children with ADHD: Essential Games for Home and School

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Color Blocks Sorting Activity

The first of five therapeutic activities for children with ADHD listed here involves colored blocks. In this activity the child is given assorted blocks of two or 3 colors. The child has to separate the blocks based on the color and then assemble the blocks to form a wall or tower. You can use wooden blocks or even link blocks like Lego.

Sorting is a great activity that can be used to improve attention span. To start with, use only two colors, and fewer blocks. Gradually increase the number of colors, the number of blocks and finally get the child to sort based on color as well as size. You can also get the child to sort other objects like pulses, nuts and bolts, or even M&M’s.

Bucketing the Ball

In this activity, the child has to throw a ball into a bucket which is kept at a distance from him. This activity requires a lot of attention and coordination, but at the same time it is a physical activity that will be fun for a child with ADHD. Keep score, and try to encourage the child to break their previous records, and thus slowly staying with the task for a longer period of time.

Activities like these help children to build up their concentration skills in an enjoyable way.

Writing with Finger Paints

Children with ADHD usually learn best by doing. Thus, when you are trying to teach, using hands on multi sensory activities will get you a better response. Writing a finger paints can be used as an activity to practice letter forms, math and writing skills. Similarly, if you find it difficult to get the child to sit and write on paper with a pencil, experiment with different writing materials, like chalk, colorful markers, paint, or even play dough.

Trampoline Jumping

Trampoline jumping is an activity that requires physical effort and provides and enjoyable experience. Children with ADHD need sensory stimulation that they usually receive from physical activity. Giving time and space in their regular schedule for physical activities like these will decrease restlessness and increase concentration, and thus learning. In addition to this, sport activities, dance, and self defense training can also be used as physical activities.


Checkers is an example of a simple board game that can be used to improve attention in children with ADHD. Board games also help the children to learn to follow rules. Board games can be fun and enjoyable, and children learn to sit and concentrate in one activity for a long time through board games. Start with simple board games and slowly mover to more complex ones that have more rules, and are longer. Start with games that require only 2 people, and slowly introduce games with more players.

Hope these 5 therapeutic activities for children with ADHD were useful, and will help you create your own games and activities.

Source: Author’s experience