The Symptoms of Adolescent ADD and ADHD

The Symptoms of Adolescent ADD and ADHD
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Symptoms for ADD & ADHD

The symptoms of adolescent ADD and ADHD can manifest themselves differently in different children. Although they may have similar

symptoms, each child can exhibit a variety of several symptoms. Let’s take a look at the common symptoms of these disorders.

The first symptom is inattention. Adolescents can be very easily distracted. They have a hard time paying attention as well. You may notice that adolescents that struggle with this may look around frequently. If you ask them to do something, they may not hear you.

Another symptom common to both ADD and ADHD is being disorganized. Adolescents with this problem will more than likely have a messy bedroom. Their book bags will also be very unorganized. They will have a hard time finding things due to their disorganization.

For both ADD and ADHD, children can frequently forget to do their homework. This is due to having trouble remembering to do things due to their inattention and also due to their disorganization as well.

Distractibility is another common symptom. They can be distracted by the smallest things, such as the humming of the lights, or when other students start talking. They also frequently daydream. Due to this distractibility, they may make a lot of careless errors in their daily work.

These students may also be very impulsive. They act without thinking. For adolescents, this can cause big problems because they can be easily influenced into doing things that may harm themselves or may harm others. In the classroom, they may shout things out instead of waiting to be called upon by the teacher. This is also evident when they frequently interrupt others when they are talking. Impulsivity can also be seen when they start odd conversations at inappropriate times. This is also known as impatience.

Symptoms for Just ADHD

Adolescents that have been identified as having ADHD have another symptom known as hyperactivity. These children will be very fidgety. They have an extremely hard time sitting still. They also frequently change from one activity to another, usually without finishing one activity first. They always appear to be on the go. They also have great difficulty during quiet times in the day.

For those that have ADHD, they may also talk a lot. There may be a purpose for their talking, but many times it is for no reason. They may also talk to themselves as they are reading or solving problems.

As you can see, the symptoms of adolescent ADD and ADHD are quite varied, but there are similarities. They both involve inattention and impulsivity. Those with ADHD also have hyperactivity. The symptoms may change as they get older, but these are very common. Now you know some of the things to look for in adolescents.

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