Herbs that Speed Healing: Learn How to Stop Pain, Bleeding and Infection Fast

Herbs that Speed Healing: Excessive Wound Bleeding

There are many plants that can have a wonderful and fast acting effect on an excessively bleeding wound. For deep cuts, gunshots, or other seriously damaging injury, a person can use natural substances to immediately stop the bleeding. Stopping the loss of blood in severe injuries is of utmost importance. Following is a list of herbs that can speed healing and stop the bleeding of massive injuries:

• Cayenne pepper (ground)

• Agrimony leaves

• Yarrow leaves

• Shepherd’s purse

• Rose petals

• Rose bark

Herbs that Speed Healing: Minor cuts, Scrapes and Irritations of the Skin

Skin problems can be anything from a rash to scrapes and abrasions. To clean, reduce swelling and repair the damaged areas certain plants can have a significant beneficial effect. The herbs that promote a natural and fast acting relief are:

• Aloe

• Calendula

• Comfrey

• Lavender

• Tea tree

• Honeysuckle

• Golden seal

Herbs that Speed Healing: Natural Antibiotics

Natural antibiotic are medicinal herbs that aid in the healing process but also prevent infections. These specific plants not only promote good health but in some instances they can prevent an even larger and more severe problem from occurring. The following are herbal antibiotics that should be applied topically to a clean injury:

• Lavender essential oil and Tea tree essential oil

• Cloves

• Honey

• Witch hazel

• Goldenseal

Speed Healing: Stomach Ulcers and Acid Problems

There is one plant that really works well with any type of internal stomach problem. Acid problems not only cause pain and discomfort at the time they occur but the after or long term affects can cause a more serious condition such as cancer. Plantains, when eaten, provide immediate and soothing relief and they also repair the damage the acid can cause.

Because of the therapuetic nature of the medicinal plants mentioned, it would be wise to keep at least a few of these herbs on hand in case of injury. Always check with your natural physician before using any of these herbs for excessive bleeding. Seek medical attention immediately in an emergency situation.