Herbal Tea Relieves Sinus Pressure

Alternative Medicine for Allergies

Many people are doubtful about using herbal products, thinking that modern science must surely be more effective. In considering this question, it is worth remembering that many commonly-used drugs were originally extracted from plant sources. For example, pharmaceutical chemists have learned to produce aspirin in the lab, but chemically similar remedies have been used for millennia in forms such as willow bark tea.

Herbs for Allergies

Herbs can be taken in various forms, but drinking herbal tea to relieve sinus pressure is particularly effective. One reason for this is that the process of steeping herbs in hot water does an excellent job of extracting the useful compounds and making them available. Additionally, the steam that is naturally inhaled while drinking hot tea is especially beneficial for sinus complaints. Different practitioners will each have their own recommendations, so it is unlikely that even two herbalists from the same tradition will suggest exactly the same combination of herbs. Preparations suggested by doctor of Chinese medicine and a Western herbalist may have nothing in common. Experimenting with different types will help you find the best herbal tea to relieve sinus pressure in your particular case.

Preparing Herbal Tea for Allergies

Preparing herbal tea for its medicinal benefits is not the same as preparing ordinary tea. One common preparation method is to pour boiling water over the tea and then allow it to steep, covered, for 10-20 minutes. Some teas may even need to be decocted, or simmered on the stove for about 45 minutes, for maximum benefit. These long preparation times allow all of the valuable components of the herbs to be released into the water and blended together.


Although it is more work than taking pills, many people find that using herbal tea to relieve sinus pressure is both effective and comforting. The ritual of brewing and drinking the tea can be pleasant and relaxing, and the use of natural ingredients reassuring.

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