Discover some Helpful Chinese Herbs for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

In order to better understand this condition we can easily separate the words for a clearer meaning to this medical term. Chronic is a word that describes a constant or returning factor. If something doesn’t seem to ever go away or keeps coming back just when you think that it is over this is the definition of chronic. Fatigue means tiredness or exhaustion. With fatigue it doesn’t just have to follow significant mental or physical strain. Fatigue, especially when talked about in terms of this medical condition, can occur at any time and without any reason whatsoever.

This can make life very difficult and be debilitating. Everyday activities such as chores, driving, shopping, or any other situations or activities that a person frequently does or is a part of, can drain their physical strength. This can happen to the point of utter exhaustion.

Symptoms for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are generally noticed through a six month period. Obviously, one person should not self diagnose this type of condition after only a few weeks as there could likely be an underlying cause. It is important for you and your doctor to rule out other health issues that may be present where fatigue is merely a symptom such as pregnancy, cancer, infection, etc.

Common Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

• Mental fatigue

• Physical fatigue

• Muscle weakness

• Muscle aches

• Constant Sleepiness (even after ample rest)

• Forgetfulness

• Joint pain

• Headaches/Migraines

• Environmental sensitivities (sound, light, food, etc.)

For thousands of years people have used Chinese herbs for Chronic Fatigue syndrome with great success. Chinese herbs can effectively and safely tackle all of the above indications. This is an all natural approach to this sometimes mysterious health complaint.

Helpful Chinese Herbs for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In order to treat this type of condition, it is important to figure out the cause. Chinese herbs for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can help a variety of causes not to mention ease the symptoms if the actual cause is unknown.

• Ginseng

• Dandelion root

• Gingko Biloba

• Oat Straw

• Garlic

• St. John’s Wort

• Goldenseal

• Echinacea

Often times, Chinese herbs for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are taken in combination with each other. The benefits of these herbal elements are widely documented for their efficacy and safety. In order to get more substantial rest during the night Valerian Root can be utilized to help the body fully relax and then the aforementioned herbs throughout the day to eliminate symptoms and causes.

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