Tibetan Yoga Rites for Good Health: Spinning, Leg Rises, The Camel, Table Top, and Up Dog and Down Dog

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There is a simple exercise routine that can help you improve your health. It takes about 10-15 minutes of your time each day and can yield many benefits. It is called the “rites of Tibetan Yoga.” The origin of these rites is uncertain. The story goes that a Colonel of the British Army discovered these exercises while doing army time in the East. Then he wrote a booklet about them and claimed he owned his youthfulness and vitality to these Tibetan rites.

The booklet claims that your spiritual energy (called kundalini) is stored and lies at the base of your spine. The 5 rites allows to the mobilization of kundalini through your body. As the energy moves through your body then you will experience better body and mental health. So, let’s get directly into the exercise routine of Tibetan Yoga.

Tibetan Yoga Exercises to Improve Body and Mental Health


This is a very simple exercise. All you do is extend your arms out to the sides and spin in a clockwise direction. When you start go slowly. Then go as fast as you can without losing control. Of course stop if you get dizzy. Again start slow with 3 spins and increase accordingly. Afterwards, lie down on the floor and rest.

Leg Rises

This is a simple exercise too. Lie down flat on your back on the floor. Extend your arms along your body, palms against the floor. Raise your head (slowly), chin tucked against your chest. Lift legs, knees straight, into a vertical position. Slowly return to initial position (head and legs flat on the floor). Relax. And repeat.

The Camel

To do this one you have to kneel on the floor, knees under your hips, body erect. Place your hands on the back of your bellow your buttocks. Slowly, tilt head and neck forward, chin tucked against your chest. Then, tilt the head backward (slowly), arching the spine. Afterwards return to initial position. Repeat.

Table Top

Sit on the floor, extend legs, back straight, flex feet, put your hand palms flat on floor next to your hips, chin tucked against your chest. Then, tilt your head backward and bend your knees and push up to a “tabletop” position, arms straight, at the same. Tense every muscle in the body. Finally, relax your muscles and return to the original sitting position. Relax. Rest. Repeat.

Up Dog and Down Dog

This is a strong exercise so be careful. Begin hands and knees on the floor. Toes flexed, palms on floor. Keep your hands and feet straight throughout the exercise. Slowly lift your buttocks toward the sky, with a flat back, lower your head, making an inverted “V.” Your chin should be tucked against your chest. Pause a little bit, then lower your buttocks until legs are in a plank position (parallel to the ground), moving your chest out and shoulders back. Rest, Relax, and Repeat.

After you finish the exercise routine, lay flat on your stomach in a Christ-like position. Keep your chin on the ground and close your eyes. Relax. Wait until your hearth beat and breath slows down to normal. (Although these exercises seem simple they do accelerate heartbeat). Finally, take a few deep breaths. Relax


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