Eliminate Toxins and Clear Heat: Chinese Medicine

Clear Heat: Chinese Medicine

Often in Chinese medicine a term will be repeated and that term is describes an important act which is to “clear heat”. Chinese medicine refers to this a lot. But what does it mean to clear heat from the body? To effectively clear heat Chinese medicine suggests the use of herbs.

Heat that is, in essence, trapped within the body can cause a lot of health complications. Trapped heat is basically what happens as a result of food nutrients being shut in instead of being used and released or other underlying issues.

So, what does heat mean for the body and what signs and symptoms does it include? Due to the fact that there are various types of heat, there are also various types of symptoms one can experience. For instance some might consist of: appetite fluctuation, fever, thirst, sweating, rapid pulse, etc.

Eliminating Toxins

Clearing heat is vital in eliminating toxins from the body. Internal heat is seen as a toxic element because without balancing the internal functionality or balancing “Qi” a person will develop many health problems as a result. Eliminating toxins and clearing heat go hand in hand.

Eliminating these toxic elements, that will in time increase, can prove to be simple and effective through herbs. Ignoring this problem can only lead to more serious health concerns. These poisons lower the body’s defenses as well as creating specific health problems

Herbs for Clearing Heat and Eliminating Toxins

The following are various herbs that are widely known in Traditional Chinese Medicine and some names on this list can be easily recognized in other countries around the world. There are multiple names for most of these herbs but the particular names below are common titles that can be easily found.




Rhinoceros horn

Rehmannia root


Moutan bark

Red peony



Wolfberry bark

Natural Indigo or Qingdai



Anemarrhena rhizome

Bamboo leaf



Butterflybush flower

If you have gotten properly diagnosed it can help in finding a blend of Chinese herbs that can work in combination to clear the heat, eliminate toxins and restore balance to the body. Chinese herbs have been known to work well together instead of one at a time.

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