Learn How Acupuncture Therapy can Releive Stress, Elimenating Overeating & Offer Weight Loss Assistance

Learn How Acupuncture Therapy can Releive Stress, Elimenating Overeating & Offer Weight Loss Assistance
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Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Weight is often a battle many people fight with unsuccessful results. Most start the battle without the knowledge of alternative therapies for weight loss. The weight loss battle can often be won using an alternative treatment, Acupuncture Therapy. Acupuncture for weight loss assistance is now being commonly used for this fight. Along with the benefits of acupuncture, you must also commit to changing your life style by eating healthy and exercising. Without a life style change acupuncture for weight loss is ineffective. This alternative therapy requires needles to be inserted into certain points in the body and the ears.

When needs are inserted into the ears it releases endorphins. These endorphins cause a calming effect. This is important during the weight loss process because it naturally decease’s stress, anxiety, and frustration. These are the main causes of over eating and the craving of unhealthy food. Endorphins are able to naturally rebalance the hormonal system and digestive system. This can then rebalance metabolism.

The Weight Loss Battle

Acupuncture Treatment

There have been extensive amounts of research conducted to prove the effectiveness of acupuncture for weight loss as an alternative treatment option. From these results different paths of treatment were created to optimize the ideal course of treatment for each person. Before someone can begin this weight loss option they must first be evaluated by an acupuncturist to determine which path is right for them. The acupuncturist will find the acu-points in the body that will benefit their weight loss process the most. Their pulse and energy level will need to be checked as well. The acupuncturist will need to observe the health of the stomach to check for any underlying conditions.

After an acupuncturist evaluation they will decide which acu-points will benefit the person the most. There are many different points that may be used. Acu-points points relating to the mouth are used for impulsive eaters and smokers. People that eat constantly, whether they are hungry or not, will most likely need the acu-points associated to the stomach used. For weight gain caused by water retention the endocrine and kidney acu-points will need to be used. The kidney points are also responsible for imbalances in the hormonal system and nervous system. People that are addicted to sweets can benefit from the lung acu-points being used to stop the cravings. For most people the thyroid points will be used to slow metabolism.

During the acupuncture therapy sessions the acupuncturist may decide to use electrical stimulation through the needles because it increases the amount of endorphins released. This increases the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatment for weight loss assistance. A persons weight loss goal determines the frequency and length of the treatment sessions. On average a session normally lasts for 30-45 minutes a couple of times a week.

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