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The First Chakra: Root

written by: Lisa Lambson • edited by: Diana Cooper • updated: 6/29/2011

Chakras are a major part of natural and alternative healing methods. By using chakra balancing and healing, it is possible to prevent, treat and remove physical disorders that have been created due to imbalances in your body.

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    The Root Chakra

    Symptoms and disorders are a result of unbalanced chakras. Sometimes they need to receive energy because they are deficient and sometimes they are excessive and need to release energy. Using various techniques, you can redistribute the energy to balance and unblock your chakras. During times of illness and aging, chakras slow their spinning and begin to collapse. Daily meditation, aromatherapy and the use of gemstones can help maintain the chakras.

    The Root Chakra is the starting point of your chakras system. It affects all the other chakras and all spiritual growth must begin in this one. This chakra begins developing as soon as we are born and major development continues up to three to five years old. This chakra strongly connects you to your childhood and it affects your relationships with money, your career and your home.


    The First Chakra imbalances will manifest themselves emotionally with depression, thoughts of suicide, addictions, eating disorders, self esteem issues, hyperactivity, fear and paranoia, and greed and envy.

    Physically, an imbalance in the First Chakra will show itself by obesity, back pain, bladder infections, problems with hips, legs and feet, stiffness, lack of grace and coordination, and low blood pressure.

    How to Balance the Root Chakra

    Gemstones and essential oils can be extremely helpful when balancing the chakras. By using them during meditation or other therapies, balancing can be achieved more quickly and completely. The First Chakra is associated with the gems garnet, ruby, jasper and hematite and the essential oil scents of Frankincense and Rosewood.

    The element of the First Chakra is the earth. To increase your earth energy, spend more time in nature. Get in there and get your hands dirty. Yoga, working out and making anything with your hands will increase this energy also. Spend some time in nature every day. To decrease your earth energy; eat, sleep, work and do less. Play, relax, laugh and move more.

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