About Solar Plexus Chakra, The Third Chakra

Symptoms and disorders are a result of unbalanced chakras. Sometimes they need to receive energy because they are deficient and sometimes they are excessive and need to release energy. Using various techniques, you can redistribute the energy to balance and unblock your chakras. During times of illness and aging, chakras slow their spinning and begin to collapse. Daily meditation, aromatherapy and the use of gemstones can help maintain the chakras.


The Solar Plexus Chakra begins developing at approximately the age of eighteen months. It continues up to about five years old. This chakra strongly connects you to your accomplishments, power and fulfillment in life. It can be very difficult to reach full potential if there is trauma or distress during this stage of development.


The Third Chakra imbalances will manifest themselves emotionally with lack of ambition, irresponsibility, rage, lack of self esteem, fear, anxiety and feeling helpless.

Physically, an imbalance in the Third Chakra will show itself by fatigue, gallstones, diabetes, excessive weight fluctuations, and constipation and digestive problems.

How to Restore Balance

Gemstones and essential oils can be extremely helpful when balancing the chakras. By using them during meditation or other therapies, balancing can be achieved more quickly and completely. The Third Chakra is associated with the gems sunstone, amber and citrine and the essential oil scents of Cassia and Peppermint.

The element of the Third Chakra is fire. To increase your fire energy, eat and drink hot foods and drinks and avoid cold or iced things. Get active in any way and your fire energy will increase. The best way to decrease your fire energy is to increase your water energy. Stand straight with your shoulders back to provide plenty of room for the fire energy chakra. Avoid artificial stimulants like coffee, alcohol, cigarettes or whatever you use to push your energy system that will deplete your energy over time.


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