Learn About the Throat Chakra & Imbalances in the Fifth Chakra

Symptoms and disorders are a result of unbalanced chakras. Sometimes they need to receive energy because they are deficient and sometimes they are excessive and need to release energy. Using various techniques, you can redistribute the energy to balance and unblock your chakras. During times of illness and aging, chakras slow their spinning and begin to collapse. Daily meditation, aromatherapy and the use of gemstones can help maintain the chakras.


The Throat Chakra begins developing around the age of seven and continues into adulthood. It will continue to grow throughout your life. This chakra strongly connects you to interpersonal communication and personal charm and magnetism. It is the center of your dreaming and imagination.


The Fifth Chakra imbalances will manifest themselves emotionally with arrogance, an inability to express thoughts clearly, and dishonesty, lack of creativity, lack of career fulfillment, restlessness and poor communication skills.

Physically, an imbalance in the Fifth Chakra will show itself with chronic sore throats and colds, swollen glands, neck pain and thyroid problems.

Restoring Balance

Gemstones and essential oils can be extremely helpful when balancing the chakras. By using them during meditation or other therapies, balancing can be achieved more quickly and completely. The Fifth Chakra is associated with the gems aquamarine, fluorite and turquoise and the essential oil scents of Frankincense and Chamomile.

The element of the Fifth Chakra is sound and communication. To increase or decrease your sound energy, work with the noise in your life. Change the sounds to match what you need, increased energy or decreased. Use music to slow you down or speed you up. Writing can bring you peace or release excess energy. Body movement such as dancing will increase or decrease your energy based on the type and style of dance you choose to do. Choose high beats to increase energy and calming, peaceful sounds to release pent up energy.


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