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The Second Chakra: Sacral

written by: Lisa Lambson • edited by: Diana Cooper • updated: 7/27/2010

Chakras are a major part of natural and alternative healing methods. By using chakra balancing and healing, it is possible to prevent, treat and remove physical disorders that have been created due to inbalances in your body.

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    Symptoms and disorders are a result of unbalanced chakras. Sometimes they need to receive energy because they are deficient and sometimes they are excessive and need to release energy. Using various techniques, you can redistribute the energy to balance and unblock your chakras. During times of illness and aging, chakras slow their spinning and begin to collapse. Daily meditation, aromatherapy and the use of gemstones can help maintain the chakras.

    Development Stage

    The Sacral Chakra begins developing between the ages of one and three. It continues up to about eight years old. This chakra strongly connects you to your sexual orientation, perceptions about food and your creative energy. It possesses great purification and cleansing power and when balanced it shows in your flexibility and how your relationships with others function.


    The Second Chakra imbalances will manifest themselves emotionally with sexual guilt and dysfunction, failure to nurture, excessive ambition, lack of creativity, rage, shyness, overly sensitive to others and antisocial, lack of trust for others and a self serving attitude.

    Physically, an imbalance in the Second Chakra will show itself by swollen and tender ankles and legs, kidney problems, muscle cramps and stiffness, constipation, urinary tract infections, impotence, menstrual issues, poor circulation, skin problems and allergies.

    How to Reorder Balance

    Gemstones and essential oils can be extremely helpful when balancing the chakras. By using them during meditation or other therapies, balancing can be achieved more quickly and completely. The Second Chakra is associated with the gems golden topaz and carnelian and the essential oil scents of Rose, Sandalwood, Tiger Eye, Moonstone and Jasmine.

    The element of the Second Chakra is water. To increase your water energy, drink more water. A dry mouth is the last symptom of thirst and dehydration in your body so make sure you are drinking six to eight glasses of water per day with more to compensate for any caffeine or alcohol consumption which have a diuretic effect on the body. Sexuality is a sacred aspect of the Second Chakra and can be used quite effectively to release excess energy in this chakra.

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