Exercise with Kids: Great Exercises for Moms

Exercise with Kids: Great Exercises for Moms
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Being a mom is a 24-hour job, but it is important to get enough exercise. With kids running around, needing help, and just plain needing their mom, moms often find fitting exercise into their schedules almost impossible. However, moms can fit exercise in quite easily if they get creative. Getting in exercise with kids is not only necessary, but it can also be fun and effective.

Playing with Your Child

Simply keeping up with children can be a workout, but there are specific activities you can do more often to burn some calories. If an infant is in the picture, all of the lifting and activities done to interact with an infant can be beneficial. If kids who are walking and running are in the picture, the possibilities are literally endless. Play a game of freeze tag, tag football with a Styrofoam ball, a walk around the neighborhood or in the park, go on a family bike ride, or simply just a gentle in-house wrestling match with your kid can burn major calories, is fun, and can increase overall family bonding.

Go for a Swim

Swimming is a total body workout that incorporates toning and cardio. It is also fun and relaxing. If the kids cannot swim yet, try a family swim class. In these classes, the mom, and the mom if they cannot swim, can learn to swim together. The moms are in the pool with the kids, so that safety is ensured and so that the child feels safer in the pool. Moms can play with their child, or children, while they also learn to swim, and everyone gets some exercise in the process.

Hit the Trails

Trails in a local park or a local city trail provides a variety of exercise opportunities that moms can do with their children. Moms can take the kids on a bike ride, go for a nice walk, or go for a nice hike. To make these activities more fun, back a healthy picnic lunch and relax for a bit and get a bite to eat, then walk, ride, or hike back to burn off those calories. Make sure that plenty of water, and healthy snacks if not picnicking, are brought along to keep everyone hydrated and energized. Dad and/or several families could come along and make it an entire outing at the park with plenty of healthy food, water, fun, and exercise for everyone.


T-Ball is not only fun, but it is also pretty good exercise running the bases and chasing after balls. If the kids are older, a game of softball with other families in the neighborhood is a great way to get to know the neighbors and get some great exercise at the same time.


Children as young as four or five years old can learn to skate. In general, ice skating or rollerblading are easier to learn. Just make sure to get a helmet, a pair of knee pads, and a pair of elbow pads for everyone to ensure safety. This activity can be done outside, on a paved park trail, or at a skating rink. During the winter many cities also have outdoor ice-skating rinks. Those who are rollerblading should start with well-paved areas before going to sidewalks because the smoother the surface, the easier it is to skate and avoid falls.


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