Heart Surgical Procedures

Learn about the different types of surgical procedures undertaken by a cardiac surgeon to treat a variety of conditions. Whether you�re reseaching treatment options or searching for advice on helping a loved one recovery, you�ll find insightful and thorough information. Discover the details into open heart surgery, stent placement procedures, heart transplants and more.

Overview of Cardiac Ablation Recovery

Cardiac ablation is a procedure to correct an irregular heart rhythm. Cardiac ablation recovery consists of a short hospital stay, followed by lifestyle changes to improve healing. There are several complications that may arise during the procedure and affect a normal recovery.

Tricuspid Valve Repair Surgery

The tricuspid valve directs blood flow in the heart from the atrium to the ventricle. It can become diseased or damaged with age. Tricuspid valve repair involves supporting the valve leaflets with an annuloplasty ring so that they open & close properly. The latest surgical techniques use robotics.

Complications of Mitral Valve Replacement

Heart failure often develops in patients with severe defects in their mitral valves. This necessitates either valve repair or replacement when medications do not work. Complete relief of symptoms often results from surgery, but what are the complications of mitral valve replacement?
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