Heart Surgical Procedures

Learn about the different types of surgical procedures undertaken by a cardiac surgeon to treat a variety of conditions. Whether you're reseaching treatment options or searching for advice on helping a loved one recovery, you'll find insightful and thorough information. Discover the details into open heart surgery, stent placement procedures, heart transplants and more.

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  • Diets After Heart Surgery
    The quantity and quality of food intake is of critical importance for the health and recovery of heart surgery patients. Diets should be designed to avoid excessive fat, sodium and sugar.
  • What is an Elective Cardioversion
    Some heart arrhythmias are not an immediate threat to a patient's life but could cause serious damage if allowed to continue long term. In these cases, the patient's cardiologist may recommend an elective (non-emergency) cardioversion.
  • Procedures Used in Vascular Surgery Operating Rooms
    Learn more about common vascular surgery procedures in operating rooms. This particular article concentrates on those procedures that are not considered outpatient. While most are minimally-invasive and have short hospital stays, they will require anesthesia and a short hospital visit.
  • The Causes and Treatment of Post Surgery Angina
    Angina is a common heart condition that affects over ten million people in the United States. The major cause is reduced supply of blood oxygen to the heart. Surgery attempts to remove the blockage and improve blood supply, but angina after valve repair is commonplace, and requires special attention
  • A Guide to Pediatric Cardiac Ablation
    Pediatric cardiac ablation is the process in which damaged tissue is destroyed using a catheter. This procedure is carried out using the traditional or pulmonary vein methods to restore a normal heart rhythm.
  • Recovery from Cardiac Ablation
    Cardiac ablation is a procedure to correct an irregular heart rhythm. Cardiac ablation recovery consists of a short hospital stay, followed by lifestyle changes to improve healing. There are several complications that may arise during the procedure and affect a normal recovery.
  • A Guide to the Cardiac Catheter Procedure
    What is a cardiac catheter procedure? Here we will provide a detailed overview of this procedure.
  • What to Expect After Cardiac Ablation
    Cardiac ablation is a procedure where a catheter is inserted into the heart to correct irregular heart rhythms. What to expect after cardiac ablation? A normal heart rhythm is usually the result. You are monitored for several hours after the procedure. Complications include damaged blood vessels.
  • An Overview of Tricuspid Valve Repair
    The tricuspid valve directs blood flow in the heart from the atrium to the ventricle. It can become diseased or damaged with age. Tricuspid valve repair involves supporting the valve leaflets with an annuloplasty ring so that they open & close properly. The latest surgical techniques use robotics.
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