Instructional Soccer Drills: Drills to Enhance the Ability of Any Soccer Player

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Soccer Drills for Goalies

The main job of a soccer goalie is to protect their own team’s net to prevent the opposing team from scoring a goal. There are several drills that goalies can practice to improve the way they protect their net.


When a goalie picks up a ball after a shot on goal they will want to clear the ball away as soon as possible and this is usually done by throwing the ball. Obviously sometimes the goals will also kick the ball or pass it on to one of their own defensive players but it’s a good idea to practice throwing. One drill that can really help a goalie will require 3 or more other players shooting on goal about every 30 seconds or so. The goalie should be scooping up the ball and throwing it away as fast as possible. To make this drill a bit more challenging for the goalie, you can add more shooters and require the goalie throws only using their weaker arm.


Goalies have a fairly large area to cover and often times they will need to dive in order to protect a shooter from getting the ball into the net. Offensive players will generally shoot for the corners of the net so a goalie needs to make sure they know how to protect those areas. A good drill to do would involve other players shooting on goal but aiming for the left or right side of the goalie. The goalie should have to dive in order to block the ball from getting into the net.

Cutting off Angles

The closer a player gets to the goalie and the net, the lower their chances are of scoring. This is because as the goalie gets closer they cut off the angle and this will make it harder for the shooter to aim the ball anywhere besides straight towards the goalie, making it more difficult to score. A good practice drill would be to have players dribbling the ball up to the net and then having the goalie run towards them to cut off the angle.

Defensive Soccer Drills

The main job of the defense is to protect their goalie and help to prevent any shots on goal. The goalie and the defenders work together to help prevent shots on goal and to avoid the opposing team from scoring. The less shots they have on goal, the less likely they are to score a goal. Defensive soccer drills for instructional soccer can greatly enhance the abilities of all defensive players.


Heading is a great defensive technique because shots on goal are frequently up in the air so defensive players won’t have time or room to get the ball on the ground in order to control it. Heading can be used to get the ball away by heading it out as far as possible or by heading it towards another teammate. One heading drill to try will involve two players and a badminton or volleyball net. There should be one player standing on either side of the net and they will volley the ball back and forth using only their heads.

Clearing the Ball

The main objective for defensive players is to get the ball away from the offenders and clear it away. A good drill to practice this technique is called Horse in the Middle. To set up this drill you’ll need a rectangular area marked with cones, one player on each end of the rectangle and one player in the middle. The players on the ends are going to try to pass the ball to eachother while the person in the middle (the defender) is going to try to clear the ball away.

Offensive Soccer Drills

The main objective for the offense is of course to score goals on the opposing team’s net. Offensive players need to be skilled in dribbling, passing, and shooting, among other skills, such as heading and stealing the ball from defenders.


Dribbling is a skill that is used to move down the field and stop the opposing team from taking the ball away. One of the best drills you can use to improve dribbling techniques is by setting up a few cones and dribbling through them. Pretend that the cones are members of the opposing team and try to prevent the ball from touching the cones.


Passing is very important during play because it helps you move the ball around and prevent the other team from gaining possession. The better your passing skills are, the better position your team will be in. A good passing drill will require two players standing a few yards apart and simply passing the ball back and forth. To make it a bit tougher, instead of having the players standing across from each other, have them running with one player slightly ahead of the other and pass on the run.


There’s more to shooting than just kicking a soccer ball in the net. It’s just not that easy. To increase your chances of scoring you will need to improve your shooting technique. One shooting drill that can help involves a goalie inside the net and players take turns shooting on goal. They should aim for the corners of the net, both up high and down low, to increase their chances of scoring. Always avoid shooting the ball directly at the goalie because they are more likely to snatch it up.

Soccer drills for instructional soccer will greatly improve the skills of each position including defenders, offense and the goalie. To be a well-rounded soccer player you should possess skills that are important for each position because they are guaranteed to come in handy at some point.

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