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An Overview of a Stage 1 Decubitus Ulcer

Do you know what a stage 1 decubitus ulcer is? A decubitus ulcer is another name for pressure ulcer. The treatment for this stage of ulcer is different for the other stages of pressure ulcers. Learn how to avoid and what treatment is available for a decubitus ulcer.

The Stages of Decubitus Ulcers

The stages of decubitus ulcers are easily identified through visual inspection of the skin. Once identified, patients must immediately employ key first aid and prescribed treatment methods to prevent severe infections.

Documentation of Pressure Ulcer Treatment

It is very important for the medical staff at hospitals and nursing homes to keep up-to-date documentation of pressure ulcer treatment given to patients. During the evaluation, medical personnel should determine the stage of the pressure ulcer, measure its size and describe the exudate.

Stage IV Pressure Ulcer

A stage IV pressure ulcer is the most severe form of the wound, as it has spread to the underlying bone or muscle. Inadequate treatment of early stage pressure ulcers can lead to stage IV.

Device Related Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers occur when the skin touches an object for an extended period of time causing friction. Device related pressure ulcers occur when medical devices, such as monitors or braces, are left on an individual for an extended period of time in the same location.