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Ectopic Pregnancy Stages

In the early stages an ectopic pregnancy may be perceived as a normal pregnancy. In later stages serious symptoms may occur if the pregnancy is not terminated.

What to Expect from a Cervical Exam in Late Pregnancy

A cervical exam in late pregnancy may be performed to check a few things regarding the progress of the cervix. It involves a couple minutes of your doctor’s fingers checking the positioning, effacement and dilation. You may experience a bit of discomfort following the procedure.

What Are the Breast Changes During Pregnancy?

There are many things that happen to a woman’s body during pregnancy, but many do not realize what the breast changes during pregnancy are. Everything from tenderness, soreness to stretch marks occur during this time. Read on to learn more about these changes.

The Effects of Alcohol In the First Month of Pregnancy

You do not need to be an alcoholic to give birth to a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome. The effects of alcohol in the first month of pregnancy are not specifically known, but the medical community as a whole recommends avoiding alcohol during the entire term of the pregnancy.

Cramping and Placenta Previa

Placenta previa, is a potentially dangerous condition that can occur during pregnancy. The main symptom is abnormal vaginal bleeding, but cramping and placenta previa are also linked.

Intrathecal vs Epidural for Labor and Delivery

If you are ready to talk to your physician about what types of pain control might be used during your labor and deliver, learn about intrathecal and epidural pain controls. This article explains the intrathecal vs. epidural for labor and delivery and the benefits, disadvantages and possible risks.

Stages of Labor and Delivery

If it is your first pregnancy, you may approach the stages of labor and delivery with a mixed bag of feelings including fear, anticipation, and anxiety. No matter what you feel, the end result wipes away any negative thoughts.

Group B Streptococcus and First Trimester Miscarriage

The colonization of bacteria, such as GBS, during pregnancy can potentially harm the mother and the baby. How does this bacterium affect the baby inside a mother’s womb? Read this article to know more about the link between Group B Streptococcus and first trimester miscarriage

What Do Braxton Hicks Contractions Feel Like?

Pregnant women occasionally experience contractions that might cause them concern if they have little knowledge on what they go through. What do Braxton Hicks contractions feel like? Read this article to know more about Braxton HIcks contractions – what they feel like, and what they are.

Signs of Pregnancy Before a Missed Period

When trying to conceive a child, many women look for signs of pregnancy before a missed period. There are several symptoms that can arise before missing a period that may go undetected if you do not know what to look for.