List of Free Aquatic Exercise Routines

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Summer is finally here, meaning it is time to break out that swimsuit again. Wondering if it still fits? You are not alone. Wanna find a way that allows you to enjoy the pool while burning large amounts of fat and calories at the same time? The following list of free aquatic exercise routines are a terrific way to enjoy the pool and they help you work towards a healthier, fitter physique. Aquatic exercises can add up to fifteen times the resistance of other aerobic exercises and burn almost 20 percent more calories in a workout. If you are not sure what to start with, below is a list of aquatic exercises to get you started on the right track. The first three water exercises are easy to do but work the entire body and burn loads of calories. When you are comfortable with those you can add in the latter two exercises for a super calorie burning, fun aquatic exercise routine.

Vertical Squat Jumps

Start by squatting down in the water so that your shoulders are just below the surface. You will need to find a spot in the pool where it is deep enough that you get a good squat yet not too deep. Your thighs should be parallel with the ground. Explode upward, jumping straight up, and try to bring your legs together at the same time. Upon landing, lower yourself back into the squatting position and repeat. Try doing eight to twelve of these to start out with and increase as you get better. Just like its land cousin the squat, this aquatic exercise works the thigh muscles.

Water Waves

Start by submerging yourself in the water to just below your chin. Place your arms straight out to the sides like a T with the elbows slightly bent. Now as quickly as possible, swing your arms forward, bringing the palms of your hands together. Your arms should be extended straight out in front of you. Now you can reverse this motion and bring your arms and legs back to the starting position. This is like doing a super-set in the gym and will work the chest and back muscles. Start with eight to ten of these until that becomes easy and then increase the repetitions.

Water Leg Curls

Begin this exercise standing at the side of the pool. With one leg slightly bent at the knee, bring that leg up as close as you can to your butt. Lower the leg slowly back to the starting position and repeat. After completing eight to ten of these, switch legs. This may sound easy, but it can be surprisingly difficult under water. This is a fantastic workout for the hamstrings.

The next two aquatic exercises are done in two parts, working the lower and upper body at the same time.

Aquatic Bicycle

Begin the aquatic bicycle by standing with your legs shoulder width apart and lift one knee at a time until it is just below the water’s surface. Now stomp your legs like you are trying to crush a bug on the ground. Alternate between the right and left legs, making sure to bring each foot down to the bottom of the pool. Be cautious not to stomp so hard that you hurt your foot. This portion of the exercise works on your rear and thighs.

The second part of this exercise is for the upper body. Start with your arms extended out in front of you. Push one arm down to your hips keeping the arm extended. Return your arm back to the starting position and alternate, pushing the other arm down the same way. This works the biceps and triceps of the arms and adds to the calorie and fat burn of your workout. Keep this up for twenty to thirty seconds if you can.

Fly Like a Bird

This exercise starts out just like water waves with your arms extended straight out to your sides. Push both arms down to your sides. Raise them back up to the starting position and repeat. This exercise works on your back and shoulders.

The lower body portion of this routine starts with one leg in front of the other and knees slightly bent. Start with a hop and switch legs, alternating which leg is in front while staying in one place. As a whole, this exercise can be very complex, so do not get frustrated if you have trouble at first. It takes some practice and coordination. It is perfect for the tush and the legs. Again, keep this up for twenty to thirty seconds. No birds were harmed in the making of this exercise.

Benefits of Aquatic Exercise Therapy.

This completes the list of free aquatic exercise routines. Aquatic exercise therapy is renowned for its benefits in cardiovascular health and strengthening. It is also very popular in treating arthritis patients, since the exercises are low impact. Whether you’re a regular at the pool or just on vacation enjoying the sun, try some of these aquatic exercises for a little fun and good health.


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