The Progression of Nanotechnology - This New Technology Inspires Hope as Well as Distrust, Where Will it Lead us?

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Even if some of the views of nanotechnology seem extreme, there is no arguing that the progression of nanotechnology has a lot to offer us in the way of useful and interesting products. How revolutionary these new technologies prove to be is unknown and scientists say it is hard to know how big of an impact the new technologies will have on us.

Is the notion of radical nanotechnology impossible? According to studies of biology, life is extremely optimized and done over a period of billions of years and evolution. The principles of changing molecular shape and self-assembly that are used in cell biology seem to exploit the physics of the nanoworld. It also seems that the contrast between visions of nanotechnology and the reality of what is produced by nanotechnology needs to be more clearly tied together. There is really no point to dismiss the fact that much of early uses of nanotechnology will be more of the entertainment variety in ways of toys for adults and children alike.

But when it comes to speculating on which view of nanotechnology will prevail, whether it be the robotic notions of Drexler or those closer to the theories of cell biology, the way to find the answer is to develop technologies that derive from the miniaturization of microelectronic products. Such kinds of systems are already available commercially and have components available on full length scales.

So how is the proven reality of nanotechnology going to get off the ground and put into use? In the past, industry has shown much ingenuity in the way of breaking down barriers and coming out with new and better solutions, we can only hope that nanotechnology will be capable of doing the same.

As we further our knowledge and understanding of nanotechnology, it can become possible to use some of the methods used in biology and be able to apply them to other synthetic materials. So until the world of nanotechnology releases its world of promise and opportunity in the advancement of life unto us, we can only at best speculate exactly what is to come of this new world and what better products may await us down the road.

There are always going to be fears and concerns of the unknown and in the scientific community, nanotechnology is one said area that continues to create illusions of grandeur and fear but also excitement and anticipation.