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  • The Use of Aromatherapy to Relieve Hot Flashes
    Some women find that they can lessen or eliminate the discomfort that comes with menopausal hot flashes by using aromatherapy. Although not all aromatherapy ingredients or methods work for everyone, many are "tried and true" and have a history of usage.
  • What to Do for Women Whose Hot Flashes Returned After Menopause
    Hot flashes returned? Hot flashes do not only occur among menopausal women; in fact, those in the perimenopausal and postmenopausal period can experience hot flashes. Learn more about the reason why hot flashes return after menopause, as well as the treatment options available for this condition.
  • Treating an Imbalance of Female Hormones Naturally
    The treatment of hormone imbalance can be complicated and require the help of your physician, but before you run to the doctor, try these natural techniques to correct your female hormone imbalance yourself.
  • Natural Solutions for Depression and Irritability in Menopause
    Some women may experience depression or irritability in menopause. Learn how to cope with these symptoms naturally.
  • Losing Weight During Menopause
    Eating healthy, exercising and counting calories are the three best things you can do when losing weight during menopause. These will help shed the pounds, keep them off, promote good health and relieve other symptoms related to menopause.
  • Signs and Symptoms of Perimenopause
    By definitive meaning "peri" means around or before, so when discussing perimenopause, this is the time around or before the menopause starts. Read on for the symptoms of perimenopause, which is a very natural part of a woman's life.
  • Home Remedies for Menopausal Symptoms
    Home remedies for menopausal symptoms have been used by women suffering from sometimes painful and often annoying symptoms of menopause. Herbs, minerals, movement and nourishment tips help to ease hot flashes, headaches and night sweats.
  • Best Herbs for the Relief of Hot Flashes
    Some of the best herbs for the relief of hot flashes include many of the oldest remedies women have used, from black cohosh to sage.
  • How to Prevent Post Menopausal Weight Gain
    Post menopausal weight gain can be prevented with a few simple life changes. Attention to diet, stress, exercise and well-being can make the difference for a healthy post menopausal experience.
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