Best Herbs for Hot Flashes and Menopausal Relief

Best Herbs for Hot Flashes and Menopausal Relief
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Herbs for hot flashes have been used by women with good results. Some herbs are still contested, with fans and skeptics providing varied points of view. In general, women have different reactions to herbal remedies; many find relief.

Herbs Known to Help Relieve Hot Flashes

Black cohosh is perhaps the most common herb used for the relief of hot flashes from menopause. For many women, black cohosh reduces the intensity and duration of the hot flash. Studies done with black cohosh show inconclusive results. It appears that as many women find relief, equal numbers show no results. Some research suggests that a percentage of women who have good results with black cohosh are also taking other supplements or herbs for varying menopausal symptoms.

Whether it is a combination of remedies, or in fact black cohosh can stand alone as an herb to ease and reduce hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, many women have, for centuries, used it with good results. Called a woman’s herb, it is given for various female disorders including menstrual discomfort. Caution — black cohosh has been known to cause stomach problems.

Sage is considered a beneficial herb for the relief of hot flashes. Sage has estrogenic properties that can aid in symptoms of an estrogen deprived system, including perspiration issues, hot flashes and night sweats. You can take sage in tea, ground and put in a capsule or sprinkle on some types of food. Caution — sage can cause adverse reactions in those who have nervous disorders including seizures.

Ginseng has properties which bring balance to the unbalanced body. It is an adaptogen which helps to balance the body’s chemistry. This herb relies on cues from the body and reacts accordingly. In studies, ginseng has been shown to lower the temperature of the skin and aid in sleep, reducing breaks in sleep habits by reducing the intensity of the hot flash.

Licorice root is another powerful herb used to reduce and relieve hot flashes. Caution should be taken if you suffer any heart or stroke issues. Licorice can interact negatively with various heart medicines.

Dong quai has long been a staple for Chinese, Japanese and Korean women. The herb grows in the mountains of Asia and in the past century has gained popularity in the west as a treatment for women’s issues.

Although many herbs for hot flashes have been used by countless women over time, few studies are available as “proof” that these herbs actually have properties beneficial to women’s issues. Some, like ginseng or soy have more studies behind them suggesting their properties are sound. Others like dong quai have few studies to back up the claims of success in relief of hot flashes and other menstrual and menopausal symptoms.

Countless generations of women have found relief using herbs. That success keeps herbal remedies popular.

Check with your doctor before starting an herbal regimen to avoid any conflict between medicines you may be taking and herbs that you wish to try. Research each, ensuring you are aware of the medicinal properties.


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