Massage Therapy

Massage therapy eases pain, relaxes the muscle and helps with physical rehabilitation and therapy. Learn more about massage techniques and the massage therapy field here at Bright Hub.

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  • Treating Fibromyalgia with Massage Therapy
    Fibromyalgia and massage therapy, a condition of chronic pain and stiffness, and a treatment for pain and stiffness. This alternative method of healing is ideal for reducing pain and improving well-being.
  • The Basic Swedish Massage Techniques
    There are many different massages and Swedish massage is one of the most common chosen by many to relax their body and relieve stress. Learn the basic Swedish massage techniques, benefits and precautionary measures.
  • Using Hydrotherapy in Conjunction with Massage Therapy
    Why are some therapists using hydrotherapy in conjunction with massage therapy? What are the benefits of integrating these two methods of healing?
  • Benefits of Shiatsu Therapy
    Shiatsu therapy is a fascinating form of medicine involving finger pressure to heal. What are the benefits of shiatsu massage and who is this therapy ideal for?
  • What Happens During an Esalen Massage?
    Esalen massage has been called “stress management” massage and combines whole body awareness with passive joint movement.
  • Using the Prego Pillow for Pregnancy Massage - A Review
    The Prego Pillow is a tool that can be used to give wonderfully relaxing pre-natal massages, but is it right for you and your practice?
  • Massage Modalities
    There are hundreds of massage modalities all over the world. Each has a particular healing objective and uses a special technique to attain the objective.
  • Sports Massage - Overview of Benefits
    Sports massage is for the professional athlete and the weekend warrior alike, and everyone in between. The benefits of regular sports massages are far reaching. Learn the main reasons why active people should receive a regular sports massage.