Prego Pillow Review

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What is the Prego Pillow?

The Prego Pillow is a tool that is used to give massages to women who are pregnant. The pillow is about half the size of a regular massage table and lays directly on top of the table. Purchasing a Prego Pillow for your massage business is easy, but you will need to get it online, since they are not available in most local massage stores. You may wish to keep a couple of Prego Pillows in stock at your place of business, since most women who try them out would like to use one at home as well.

When you are getting ready to give a massage using the Prego Pillow, there are a few considerations that you need to take into account. Pre-natal massages are only safe to perform on women who are more than 3 months pregnant. Also, you will need to check with the woman to make sure that her pregnancy is going as expected and there are no additional problems that you need to know about.

Using the Prego Pillow

In order to use the Prego Pillow, you should place it face up on the massage table. There is a downward slope in the middle of the pillow where the client places her belly. Have the client lie face down with her belly in the lowest part of the pillow. You can then cover the client with a blanket or sheet.

Some women feel more comfortable when you give them a pillow that they can place under the bust area. This gives them a little more support for this sensitive area of their body.

Since most Prego Pillows do not come with a face cradle, you can have your client simply lay on the pillow with her head facing to the side. If you like, you can also place a face cradle on top of the Prego Pillow so that the woman will be more comfortable.

Prego Pillow Review

The Prego Pillow is a superb tool to use during a pre-natal massage. Ladies who are at least 3 months pregnant experience lower back pain and other aches which can be alleviated with the practice of massage therapy. Keep in mind that this pillow is to be used for women who are already showing in their pregnancy. If the lady has no visible belly, then she is probably not going to be comfortable in the Prego Pillow. Also, if your client is close to her delivery time, her belly may be too large for the pillow. If this is the case, you can always have her lie on her side on the top of the massage table.

In general, the Prego Pillow is a great addition to the tools of any massage therapist. They are even great for the women to use at home while getting some much needed sleep while lying on the stomach.


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