Living With & Managing OCD

OCD is known as an enduring mental illness. Through treatment methods the effects of the disorder can be managed, but it may never be cured. However, those diagnosed with OCD can live happy, normally functioning lives by learning to cope and manage their obsessions. Read articles, find support and resources on living with OCD as well as helping a loved one or family member diagnosed with the disorder.

Key Trichotillomania Info

Trichotillomania information is important for sufferers and loved ones to know. The more you know about this hair pulling disorder the more receptive you or your loved one will be to the treatments available. Learn some of the top trichotillomania information, causes, symptoms, treatments, and more.

Jobs Where OCD Is Helpful

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a troubling anxiety disorder consisting of obsessions and ritualistic compulsions to try to “fix” those. People with OCD often have high standards and are perfectionistic. Jobs where OCD is helpful are covered in this article.

How Do I Explain OCD to a Kid? Tips and Tricks

Has your child recently been diagnosed with OCD? Does your child have a friend or family member who has been diagnosed? If so, you might be wondering “How do I explain OCD to a kid?” Most importantly, make sure to describe the disorder clearly and to clear up any misconceptions they might have.

Symptoms of OCPD: Anger Management Issues

You may have heard of several symptoms of OCPD. Anger, however, probably isn’t one of them. Theorists have discussed whether anger is actually a possible symptom of OCPD, and they also realize that treating the personality disorder can help to treat some anger management problems as well.

OCD Support Groups

Finding a great OCD support group that is specific to your symptoms is one of the most therapeutic tools around. Not only does it provide you with a sense of nonjudgmental confidentiality, you can also learn a lot from the stories and experiences of others.