Living with Diabetes

There is currently no cure for diabetes. Being diagnosed means a lifelong process of treatment and managing symptoms; this can be overwhelming at even the best of times. Here to help you live a full, happy and healthy life are informative articles, tips and advice. Whether you have a loved one grappling with the disease, or have been recently diagnosed yourself you’ll find tips and testimonials written by peers, professionals and those that have been there. Find crucial information on managing your health including dental care and foot care, tips on your diet including eating out, health information for pregnancy with diabetes and other helpful advice. Comment on articles and share your own experience and opinion.

Blood Glucose Meters That Test A1C

Keeping track of blood glucose levels is an important responsibility for people with diabetes. An A1C blood test should also be done at least twice a year. With new technological advancements, there is now a blood glucose meter that tests A1C that can be used at home.

Blood Glucose Reduction With Cinnamon

Studies have shown mixed results whether blood glucose reduction with cinnamon is possible. However, one particular study listed below shows promising results. Find out how much cinnamon could help you lower your blood sugar.

Understanding Type 2 Diabetes Sugar Levels

Millions of people around the world are suffering from diabetes, and many more are in the early stage, still undiagnosed. Most diabetics are of the non-insulin dependent or type 2 variety of the disease. Learn more about the dynamics of type 2 diabetes sugar levels and what factors affect these.

How Does Diabetes Type 2 Affect African Americans?

Within the African-American community, type 2 diabetes is running rampant. Researchers have linked behavioral and environment variables such as being overweight, improper eating habits and a lack of physical activity as corollaries . How diabetes affects African Americans continues to be studied.