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Hearing the cancer diagnosis can be a life-shattering event. Through the initial acceptance, to facing treatments and surgery, cancer can change your life in many ways. Whether you're battling cancer yourself or looking for tips on helping a loved one cope, read insightful articles and tips from peers and professionals. Get tips on coping with depression, side-effects from chemotherapy, improving quality of life for cancer patients and more.

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  • Natural Compounds Used for the Treatment of Cancer
    What natural compounds are used for the treatment of cancer? Learn about nature's own contribution to cancer treatment and how these natural substances can support conventional care.
  • The Administration of Chemotherapy Drugs for Cancer
    Before administering cancer chemo drugs, doctors decide which type of medication and method of delivery is most appropriate for the circumstance. Some chemo delivery methods are regional, exposing only the cancerous area to the drugs and others are systematic, exposing the whole body to the drugs.
  • The Use of Aromatherapy with Radiotherapy
    Radiation treatments can be very helpful for combating cancer, but they can also harm the body. Aromatherapy is a form of complementary medicine that can help. Find out about radiation cancer therapy and aromatherapy.
  • Where to Find Financial Support for People with Cancer
    Cancer patients are often in need of financial help. The disease is overwhelming not only physically and emotionally since it also strains individuals and families of resources for medical as well as everyday needs. Find out where to get financial support for cancer patients.
  • Caring for Burns as a Side Effect of Radiotherapy
    Burns, redness, dry and swollen skin are all possible side effects of radiation therapy. How should burns from cancer treatment radiation be managed?
  • Safety Precautions During Chemotherapy Treatment
    Several drugs used during chemotherapy are quite harmful to both healthcare professionals and the families of the patients. To avoid any exposure to this dangerous medication, safety precautions have been developed, which will be discussed here.
  • The Best Meals for Chemotherapy Patients
    Chemotherapy is often associated with weight changes due to the side-effects it causes. With a change in diet, weight change does not have to result from chemotherapy. When choosing meals for chemotherapy patients, consider the individual patient's symptoms and nutritional needs.
  • Roxanol to Manage the Pain of Cancer Patients
    Are you looking for information about Roxanol for cancer patients? Here we will provide you with the important details.
  • Treating Cancer with Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments
    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized vessel. It can improve the well-being of individuals with cancer. As part of a comprehensive strategy, treating cancer with hyperbaric oxygen treatments may be beneficial, particularly with treating radiation therapy injuries.
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