Living with Cancer

Hearing the cancer diagnosis can be a life-shattering event. Through the initial acceptance, to facing treatments and surgery, cancer can change your life in many ways. Whether you're battling cancer yourself or looking for tips on helping a loved one cope, read insightful articles and tips from peers and professionals. Get tips on coping with depression, side-effects from chemotherapy, improving quality of life for cancer patients and more.

Pleural Effusions and Ascites in Cancer Patients

Pleural effusions and ascites in cancer patients is a complication that is characterized by the build up of fluid in the lungs and abdominal cavity, respectively. Shortness of breath is a symptom of pleural effusions, and ascites causes abdominal discomfort. Treatment involves treating the cancer.

Alternative Treatment for Cancer Bone Pain

Bone pain is a symptom of many types of cancer. Traditional methods to treat the pain may have unwanted side effects or may not be effective. There are alternative treatments for cancer bone pain including acupuncture, massage therapy and herbal remedies.

Chemotherapy and Orthostatic Intolerance

The treatment of advanced cancer with chemotherapy is often limited by many side effects. Neurotoxicity of these drugs is manifested as faintness that occurs not only when standing but in almost any position. Learn more about chemotherapy and orthostatic intolerance, its symptoms and why it occurs.

The Top Cancer Treatment Centers and Why

Finding the top cancer treatment centers in the U.S. is a priority for someone diagnosed with cancer. They want to know where they should go so that they can get the best treatment possible. Let us discuss where these cancer treatment centers are located and how they are selected.

Plant Medicines Used for Cancer

Plant-based medicines for cancer therapy is well established. Treatment of cancer using plant-based chemotherapy is nothing new. Very often, patients are unaware that certain chemotherapy does consist of plant products.

Mosaic Virus in Cancer Therapy

The mosaic virus, a well-known plant pathogen, seems to offer unexpected opportunities in cancer therapy. Or, how a pest can prove to be useful. Learn more about the mosaic virus in cancer therapy.

Cancer Blood Tests – Diagnosis of Malignancy

A number of cancer blood tests are available to aid in the detection and diagnosis of various types of cancer. Blood tests may detect cancer markers which are produced by tumor cells, or may look for specific antigens or antibodies associated with malignant cells.

Alternative Herbal Cancer Treatments

Herbal remedies for cancer is a topic of interest among all researchers. Besides the conventional treatment of cancer which involves drugs, radiation and surgery, alternative herbal cancer treatments are getting more attention nowadays.