Life with Autism

Learn how an autistic child develops and how to help a child or loved one with autism. Autistic children and adults often have trouble reading and expression emotions which can cause frustration to those around them. Individuals with autism do desire and are capable of making friendships and connections. Understand more about the developmental disorder, autism in order to best help the autistic loved one in your life.

Definition of Rett Syndrome

Rett syndrome is classified along with autism as a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). These children may initially be thought to have autism. However, over time they develop obvious symptoms specific to Retts. Understanding the definition of Rett syndrome will assist in diagnosis.

Types of Conversation Starters for Kids With Autism

Although many of us take it for granted, there is a certain art to being able to flawlessly begin a conversation. Children with autism may find this skill a struggle, but conversation starters can help. There are several different types of conversation starters for kids with autism.

Rett Syndrome Stages: A Complete Guide

Rett Syndrome is a rare form of Pervasive Developmental Disorder that mostly affects girls. Rett Syndrome stages are not absolute, but they are predictable to an extent. Learn about the four characteristic stages of this disorder here.

What is Perseveration and How Can it be Treated?

What is perseveration? Perseveration, also called stimming, is a repetitive action that people with autism (as well as those with other issues, such as traumatic brain injury) feel compelled to do. Perseveration can be treated in most cases, but it can take time and patience.

Insight into Autism and GI Problems

Extensive research has shown a substantial link between autism and GI problems, but just what this link is remains to be seen. Learn about the connections between these conditions and decide if you need to talk to your child’s doctor.

Genetic Testing for Autism

Autism has the reputation for being a mysterious disorder, partly due to unknown factors such as its causes. One effective way to corroborate a diagnosis is genetic testing for autism.