Life with Autism

Learn how an autistic child develops and how to help a child or loved one with autism. Autistic children and adults often have trouble reading and expression emotions which can cause frustration to those around them. Individuals with autism do desire and are capable of making friendships and connections. Understand more about the developmental disorder, autism in order to best help the autistic loved one in your life.

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  • Genetic Testing for Autism: Description, Benefits, and Limitations
    Autism has the reputation for being a mysterious disorder, partly due to unknown factors such as its causes. One effective way to corroborate a diagnosis is genetic testing for autism.
  • Jenny McCarthy's Successful Experience With Her Autistic Child
    Jenny McCarthy is a very passionate mother who has written a book "Louder Than Words." A best seller, her book is about a mother's emotional and personal journey in dealing with her son's diagnosis of autism and the healing journey for them both.
  • How to Behave Around a Person with Autism-Do's and Don'ts
    Whether you are living with a person with autism or around someone with ASD, there are some steps you can take to make sure you have a positive impact on that individual. Read on to learn more...
  • How Can I Help My Autistic Child Deal with Puberty?
    Puberty and autism have the potential to be a volatile combination. Many autistic adolescents are caught off guard and are overwhelmed by the physical, cognitive and emotional changes of puberty. This article will teach you how to prepare your autistic child to deal with the changes of puberty.
  • Families Affected by Autism Require Strategic Coping Skills
    Autism is challenging not only for the individual so afflicted with it, but also for the families.The entire family unit becomes strained and marriages often dissolve under the pressure. They need strategic coping skills to help each member understand the effects of autism on families.
  • Living with Autism
    Living with autism is a struggle for the entire family but with lots of love and understanding from the various members, the autistic child can thrive and lead a semi-normal life. Our experience with Jimmy has taught us to take our time with life and live every moment to the fullest.
  • How Does Having a Child with Autism Affect You?
    It's an entirely different experience once you have an autistic child, and the effects on your life can be a real pain in the backside if you don't know how to deal with the consequences.
  • A Review of Autism Websites
    Finding it hard to locate useful and reliable autism information on the Internet? Here is a collection of some really good autism websites that cater to different needs.
  • The History of the Autism Ribbon Symbol
    The autism ribbon symbol is a powerful and emotive icon that raises awareness of autism spectrum disorders.
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